Houses For Sale in Halifax – A Property Guide

Houses for Sale in Halifax, With So Many Competing For Buyers, How Do You Sell Quickly?

There are many homes for sale in Halifax, so how do you sell yours when buyers have so many to choose?

Halifax property market is currently experiencing relative stagnation – both regarding house prices and demand. To sell your house fast in Halifax, you will need a competitive asking price and a comprehensive marketing strategy, and this guide to the local Halifax online property market will help you in both respects.

The town of Halifax located in the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale, formerly the administrative region of West Yorkshire. With a population of around 82, 000, the Minster town of Halifax is a large urban area that has a proud heritage of manufacturing and banking.

Halifax grew up on the back of a prolific wool industry, yet confectionary and banking are more closely associated with the region these days. The town was the original home of the Halifax Building Society, which later became a national bank. The town was also the home of John Mackintosh’s first ‘toffee’ shop, which would grow quickly during the early part of the 20th century and eventually form an alliance with Rowntree of York. There has been a strong manufacturing sector in Halifax for decades, dominated by wool processing, carpet making, tool making and brewing.

The service sector dominates modern-day Halifax, and catering and retail account for a significant proportion of the jobs in the town. Unfortunately, industrial decline hit Halifax reasonably hard during the 20th century, and unemployment levels rose as a result. Like much of West Yorkshire, Halifax has suffered from house price decline and stagnation in recent years, so you will need to take marketing very seriously if you need a quick house sale at the best possible price in Halifax. Alternatively, you can sell your property to Flying Homes. We can pay, on average, between 90 and 94 percent of market value for the properties we purchase, and we have been known to process house transactions in just seven days. Most importantly, you can relax in the knowledge that we will not reduce the initial offer we make for your home at the last minute of the house buying process. With so many properties for sale in Halifax, selling fast is a viable option if you need to sell quickly.

Why a sensible initial asking price is a necessity with so many houses for sale in Halifax

Although the last few years have seen a marked recovery in the property market across West Yorkshire, growth levels have begun to slow dramatically in recent months. According to a recent article on the Halifax Courier website, house prices in Yorkshire fell for six consecutive months during the second half of 2014. Moreover, the number of house hunters in the area has been declining for six months too. It seems that stagnant wages, low consumer confidence, a dearth of credit and the prospect of rising interest rates are all combining to keep house prices static – despite a chronic shortage of new homes brought to the market. In December 2014, mortgage approvals hit their lowest level for 18 months, which shows just how precarious both demand and property prices are at the minute. In these challenging market conditions, a competitive asking price is essential.

You might have to resign yourself to the fact that a competitive asking price is a must to secure the fast house sale you need with so many homes for sale in Halifax. Exactly what that asking price should depend on recently sold property prices in the area. If you choose to hire an estate agent, the research needed to ascertain the maximum asking price is already done. However, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from researching house prices yourself – using the various tools and resources that are freely available on the Internet. For instance, you can get a house price estimate from our free property valuation tool which will give you a guide as to your home’s worth. This tool uses data from The Land Registry which publishes house sales statistics from government sources. You can also enter your postcode on the Zoopla website to access sold house prices in Halifax.

Why a comprehensive marketing strategy is vital when selling a property in Halifax

Halifax, along with the wider West Yorkshire area, has been suffering from weak demand and falling house prices since 2008. Although there have been signs of recovery in recent months, there are still several deflationary issues at play. And despite relative stagnation, tightened lending criteria and stagnant wages have been suppressing demand for homes in the area. According to the Halifax Courier, Yorkshire and Humberside were the worst performing regions in England regarding house price growth. House prices rose by 1.3% between 2014 and 2015, which meant the rate of property value growth halved in a single year. It is clear that this trend of stagnation is set to continue for the foreseeable future, which is why you must put a comprehensive marketing plan in place if you need to sell a house quick in Halifax.

With the value of your home stagnating, you might be tempted to dispense with the services of an estate agent and sell your house privately. While this course of action will save you the cost of an estate agent’s fees, it could devalue your home on the open market unless you have the time and know-how to succeed in very challenging conditions. An experienced estate agent in Halifax will take care of all the marketing, advertising, property viewings, home staging and negotiating that are part and parcel of the traditional method of selling property in the UK. And the knowledge and contacts agents bring will often translate to higher sale prices.

If your need to sell your house fast in Halifax and this is your most pressing concern, you might not want to wait around for the open market to produce the buyer you need. You might be trying to avert a costly repossession, or your employer may have asked you to relocate for a new job. Whatever your reason for needing a quick house sale in Halifax, Flying Homes can help. We never renege on our initial offer at the last minute – in the way less reputable homebuyers have been doing recently. In the right circumstances, we can buy any UK home in around ten days.

What is the best time of year for selling your house in Halifax?

There are different opinions on the best time of year for selling a property, get it wrong, and your property sale could flounder with so many other houses for sale in Halifax. It is worth noting that there is little evidence to suggest that property prices are directly affected by the time of year. Although demand for UK homes can ebb and flow throughout the average year, predicting when demand will be at its highest is an almost impossible job. According to the Home website, October was the busiest month of January 2015 for house sales in Halifax, but this could easily change in the coming years. Unless you have an excellent reason for delaying the listing of your house for sale in Halifax, you should sell at the time that suits your circumstances.

Although it is very unlikely that the mere changing of the seasons will increase the value of your home, you can use the time of year to your advantage – by making some seasonal adjustments to decor, amenities and layout. For instance, in the summer, spend some time and money on your gardens, fascias and outdoor areas. You might also want to harness natural light wherever you can and choose light tones for your walls and furnishings. In the winter, energy efficiency measures and creating a soothing ambience might appeal to the seasonal priorities of buyers.

Can external factors positively influence house prices in Halifax?

Halifax is a large Minster town in a relatively densely populated area of northern England, so it stands to reason that house price growth will fluctuate from area to area. For instance, home prices in the likes of Mixenden have been depressed for many months now, whereas property values in the likes of Ovenden and Wheatley have been growing at a slightly faster rate. Before you reach any conclusions about the likely value of your home on the open market, it’s a good idea to use Rightmove and Zoopla to research sold house prices in your street.

There might be several local issues that have the potential to influence the price of homes for sale in Halifax positively. And although there is little you can do to alter any in your favour, being aware of them could help you to maximise the value of your property. For instance, parents are always on the look-out for houses for sale in Halifax within the catchment area of a top school, and if your home fits the bill, you might be able to negotiate a hefty premium for its sale. The same principle might apply if you live in an area with low crime levels. There could be issues unique to Halifax that you can use to your advantage too, including the redevelopment of an old industrial site in the town and the regeneration of The Piece Hall.

Things to do in Halifax

Located in the heart of West Yorkshire, Halifax is a hidden gem regarding fantastic visitor attractions and glorious countryside. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Eureka Science Museum, filled with interactive exhibits from the world of science and invention. Perhaps the most striking attraction in Halifax is The Piece Hall, which is a stunning building originally built for wool merchants to sell their produce. The building is now home to specialist stores and an art gallery. Another of the amazing buildings in this West Yorkshire town is the Wainhouse Tower, which is the world’s tallest folly. More than 400 steps will take you to the summit, which provides panoramic views of the surrounding areas. You can catch the latest stage productions and am-dram shows at the Square Chapel Centre for the Arts and the Victoria Theatre. Or if you prefer to get away from it all in the country, Hardcastle Crags, Manor Heath Park and the beautiful village of Hebden Bridge offer everything you could need. There is also the chance to step back in time to the 15th century with a visit to Shibden Hall or enjoy some ten-pin bowling action at the Electric Bowl.

The Halifax property market has been stagnating for some time now, and selling on the open market – for the right price – is not easy. You can bypass the open-market altogether by selling your home to us – for up to 100 percent of its market value. Call an agent from Flying Homes now on 0800 669 6784 to arrange a no-obligation valuation. Doing this will ensure that your property isn’t any longer one of the many houses for sale in Halifax. Protection Status