The Halesowen Property Guide

How to Sell Your Home in the Face of Tough Competition from Other Houses for Sale in Halesowen

With dozens of homes for sale in Halesowen at any given moment, the competition for the attention of buyers can be tough. But by setting an attractive asking price and adopting a comprehensive marketing strategy, you should be able to sell your property quickly and profitably. This guide to Halesowen, a part of the larger West Midlands real estate market contains information and advice to help you negotiate the notoriously unpredictable house selling process.

Halesowen is a town located in the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley in the West Midlands. Once part of the ceremonial county of Worcestershire, Halesowen is just seven miles from central Birmingham, making it one of the more popular commuter towns in the region. The town has a population of 55,000 – which is growing rapidly.

For decades, the principal industry in Halesowen was nail making, although coal mining was also an influential part of the local economy until the latter half of the 20th century. The closure of these huge industries led to many years of above-average unemployment, which led to stagnant and declining property values in and around Halesowen for many years. In recent years, a series of commercial initiatives has attracted some large employers to the area, including Sandvik, Somers Total Kare, Mucklow Group and Somers Forge.

This part of the West Midlands was devastated during World War 2, which means Victorian and Edwardian properties are at a premium. Most of the vast majority of the housing stock in Halesowen comprise properties built during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. The highest house prices in the area can is in the suburbs of Halesowen, which include Hawne, Hasbury, Cradley, Lapal, Hill & Cakemore and Hayley Green.

Although the average price of houses for sale in Halesowen is still lower than the national average, property values soared throughout 2015 – and more growth expected in the future. But if your top priority is to sell a house fast in Halesowen, you shouldn’t take anything for granted. The open market is fraught with potential for delays and complications, which means avoiding it altogether could be your preferred option. At Flying Homes, we help people to avoid the potential pitfalls of selling on the open market by purchasing homes directly from owners. We buy houses in any condition up to 100 percent of the market value. And we’re often able to conclude property transactions within a fortnight – which is ideal if you need access to your home’s equity in a hurry.

Why you need to set a competitive asking price when house selling in Halesowen

Although the average cost of a house remains lower than the national average, property prices in Halesowen have risen strongly over the last few years – fuelled by unprecedented demand for housing in the area. But buyers and banks won’t pay over the odds for property in the UK anymore for fear of returning to the dark days of the 2008 financial crisis. If you hope to maximise interest in your home, you will need to give house buyers a good reason to view it – and this means setting an attractive initial asking price.

The maximum asking price for your home in Halesowen will depend on a range of issues – the most important of which will be sold house prices recently in your area of Halesowen which indicate how much people are willing to pay for a home like yours. Finding this information requires research into the local market, which is something most people leave to an estate agent. But you can take control and do the research yourself by accessing sold house prices for Halesowen on the Rightmove website. There is also a wealth of property transaction data for government sources on The Land Registry website. Enter your postcode on Zoopla to view house sales statistics for your street in Halesowen.

The importance of a comprehensive marketing strategy when selling property in Marketing a home in

The importance of marketing when trying to sell a house quick in Halesowen just can’t be overestimated. Although home prices and demand for homes in the town have risen during the last couple of years, it still takes a relatively long time to secure a property sale on the open market in Halesowen. The Home website illustrates that the average house took 204 days to sell in March 2016, and 210 days in March 2017, a fall of just three percent and suggests that local homeowners are biding their time when property hunting – in search of the best possible deal. Nevertheless, the average price of a property in Halesowen rose to £179,000 to March 2017 – up four percent on the previous year. So, the picture is a mixed one, and your marketing strategy will need to be comprehensive and relevant to the market if you require finding a buyer as quickly as possible.

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the Halesowen property market, it’s probably best to negotiate the house selling process with the help of an agent. Yes, going it alone could save you some money in the short term, but you may lose money when your home finally changes hands. An estate agent in Halesowen will give you local knowledge, marketing contacts, negotiating skill and lots of time – which could all add up to a higher-than-expected sale price. In such a volatile property market, only consider selling a house without an estate agent if you’re sure you have the time and know-how needed, otherwise you could miss out on precious value.

Of course, no estate agent can provide you cast-iron guarantees on selling price and a timeframe for your house sale. If your priority is to obtain a quick sale in Halesowen, then avoid the property market altogether and sell your home directly to Flying Homes. We have developed a home buying process that cuts out the market – saving precious time when a quick sale is a necessity. Whether you want to avoid having your house repossessed, you’re relocating for a new job, or you want to avoid costly repairs, we can help. We have a proven track record of paying a high percentage of market value for the property we buy, and there’s a good chance we can get the proceeds of your house sale to you within just a couple of weeks.

What’s the best time of year to sell a house in Halesowen?

The Home website revealed that November was the busiest month of the year for house sales during the year to December 2016 in Halesowen. However, the demand for homes is a fluid process that Sell Your House Quickly in Weeks!can change from one year to the next. And there is virtually no credible evidence to suggest that house prices spike during a particular season. Unless you are aware of any development in your neighbourhood that has the potential to drive up house prices shortly, you should list your home for sale at the time that best fits in with your plans.

It is often possible to increase the demand for a house by making changes to its decor, layout and features by the seasonal priorities of buyers. In the summer, one such change could be adding a splash of colour to your gardens, or creating an inviting and functional outdoor space for entertaining. In the winter, buyers are more likely to be concerned with warmth, ambience and energy efficiency.

What issues can drive up house prices in Halesowen?

Halesowen is a relatively large town with many different areas and neighbourhoods within it. While it’s right to be optimistic about the future of house price growth in the town – given all the positive reports recently – it’s important to understand what is happening in your locality. House price growth could be significantly higher on your street than in Halesowen as a whole. As well as researching sold house prices, it’s worth studying the many issues that have the potential to influence Halesowen property prices positively.

One issue which could add value to your home is the proximity of a good school. If you live in the catchment of a school in Halesowen that receives a rating of ‘Outstanding’ from OFSTED, there is a reasonable chance that buyers with children will pay a premium for your home. Similarly, many buyers might be persuaded to pay a little extra for your property if you happen to live in an area with a low rate of crime. There is also a scheme underway to breathe new life into Halesowen town centre, which could add more value to your home in the future. If people feel like Halesowen is a great place to live, this will drive up local house prices.

About the town of Halesowen

Halesowen has a rich history of political and religious intrigue, so you’ll never be short of great attractions to visit. The lovely Church, St. John the Baptist, has extended over eight centuries. And the Churchyard and Cross is a great place to visit if you like to immerse yourself in history. Several examples of stunning architecture in the town include Ivy House on High Street and the 18th century George Inn. Indeed, there are countless examples of stunning architecture from as far back as the 15th century on High Street and Church Lane. Make a special effort to visit Whitefriars, which is a stunning cottage from the 16th-century saved from a developer’s bulldozers in the 1960s. You’ll be spoilt for choice in Halesowen if you’re a shopaholic, as the town centre and the Cornbow Shopping Centre are home to many of the UK’s leading retail brands. There’s also a farmer’s market in the city centre every other Saturday.

If you need to sell a house fast with competition high with many houses for sale in Halesowen, don’t take chances on the open market. Sell your property to Flying Homes, and you could have your hands on the proceeds within just 14 days. Speak with one of our expert house buyers today to arrange a free, no-obligation valuation of your home. Protection Status