A Guide to Selling Your House in Fareham

With Plenty Houses For Sale in Fareham, What’s the Best Way to Sell Your Home?

There can be many of houses for sale in Fareham at any moment in time. To compete with these homes and find a buyer for your property quickly, you will need a comprehensive marketing strategy and an attractive asking price. This guide to the local real estate market in and around Fareham is full of information and advice – which should help you to find a buyer as quickly as possible.

The market town of Fareham is in Hampshire on the southern coast of England. The town is on the western tip of Portsmouth Harbour, and it is home to more than 97,000 people. Services dominate the local economy, but there is still a reasonably thriving manufacturing sector in the area. As well as several small-scale production installations in Fareham, the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory is a significant employer in the area.

A great many new housing developments popped up across the Fareham area during the 1960s. Fareham was one of the towns that was designated to take the overflow of people from the overcrowded urban areas of Hampshire, including Portsmouth and Southampton. Fareham expanded rapidly as a result, and eventually swallowed up the neighbouring settlements of Portchester, Titchfield, Catisfield and Funtley.

House prices and demand for homes in Fareham have both risen sharply over the course of the last five years. While this is great news if you’re about to list your home for sale, you simply can’t take anything for granted where the property market is concerned. If you need to sell a house fast in Fareham, you might need to prepare yourself for a nervous wait or instead, sell your house to Flying Homes. We buy houses in any condition and offer a fair price. Our property buying service can have the proceeds of your home sale in your account within just two weeks.

Why you need a competitive initial asking price when selling a property in Fareham

House prices in Fareham rose substantially during 2015, according to data on the Rightmove website. In the Whiteley area of Fareham Borough, detached homes sold for an average of nearly £383,000, while terraced homes fetched nearly £240,000. Across all property types, the average house price in Whiteley by the end of 2015 was around £301,000. In the borough of Fareham, the average house price at the end of 2015 was around £258,000 – a rise of four percent on the previous year and 15 percent since 2010. The news of higher property values is fantastic if you’re about to embark on the house selling journey, but it doesn’t mean you can take a profitable – and fast – home sale for granted. House buyers are more prepared to bide their time in search of value than ever before. To attract prospective buyers to property viewings in sufficient numbers, you’ll need to entice them with an attractive asking price.

What constitutes an attractive and competitive asking price in your area very much depends on recent sold house prices. You can find out what the maximum asking price for a home like yours is with a little research into the local property market (usually done by an estate agent). However, nothing is stopping you from doing the research yourself using the various online tools that are available. For instance, you can access an enormous amount of house sale data for Fareham on the Rightmove website, and the government makes its property transaction freely available via The Land Registry website. You can view sold house prices in your Fareham street by entering your postcode on the Zoopla internet site.

A comprehensive marketing strategy is essential when marketing a property in Fareham

There is a chronic shortage of housing in Fareham, and the issue of future development in the Borough of Fareham is a hot political topic at the moment. This lack of demand means houses in the area are getting snapped up very quickly indeed. According to data on the Home website, the average home in Fareham took 98 days to sell in May 2015, but only 86 days in May 2016. This fall of 12 percent in the time it takes to sell a house in Fareham suggests that the local market favours the seller. But don’t take anything for granted when selling on the open market. Rises in interest rates, further issues with the liquidity of banks and a slowing economy are a few factors which could slow demand. To sell a house quick in Fareham – and for the best possible price – your marketing strategy will need to be comprehensive.

The best – and often most cost-effective – way to make sure your marketing strategy is up to scratch is to leave it in the hands of a professional. Hiring an estate agent in Fareham might be a costly endeavour, but it could help you to secure a premium for your property on the open market. Agents have local knowledge, negotiating skill, experience, time and marketing contacts – all of which could help to maximise the final sale price your home achieves. Going it alone and selling privately in Fareham might save in the short term, but could end up costing you unless you have the time, know-how and contacts needed.

You might be facing a situation that requires you to sell a house quickly in Fareham. Perhaps the bank is threatening you with repossession. Or maybe you’ve got a new job that requires you to relocate quickly. Whatever your reasons are for needing a quick sale, Flying Homes can help. We purchase houses on behalf of wealthy investors all over the UK meaning we can act quickly to buy your home. In fact, we’re often able to complete home purchases within just a week or two.

Is there a profitable time of year to sell a house in Fareham?

Most property professional will advise you to sell a home in Fareham at the time that suits your circumstances – regardless of when you choose to sell.  Of course, demand can rise and fall, but predict when it will be at its highest ‘s hard even for an experienced estate agent. And even if a prediction were possible, house prices don’t always rise because of short-term increases in demand. The Home website recently revealed that house sales in Fareham during the year to January 2016 peaked in October. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this trend will continue in future years.

You can use the current season to your advantage when selling a house in Fareham by making seasonal alterations to your property’s decor, layout and facilities. Many house buyers look for a new home with a set of priorities in mind – many of which are related to the current season. So, in the summer, you might want to tidy up your gardens, outdoor areas and fascias. Harness natural light inside your home wherever you can. In the winter, buyers may be more concerned with energy efficiency and ambience.

What are the factors that can positively influence house prices in Fareham?

The Fareham property market as a whole is currently performing well – both regarding average home prices and demand. However, Fareham is a large borough with just shy of 100,000 people living there. In reality, many different property markets are working independently from one another. To be sure of what is happening to house prices in your street, you’ll need to research both sold house prices and the various issues that are driving house price growth in your area. For instance, you might find that a local school in the area is attracting buyers with children – in which case you can use this to your advantage in your marketing strategy. Similarly, living in an area with low crime rates might persuade some house buyers to pay a premium for your home. Keep an eye on the various issues specific to Fareham too, including major regeneration projects in the town centre, Coldeast and Daedalus.

Things to do in the town of Fareham

Fareham is located on the outskirts of Portsmouth on the harbour, so you’re very close to the world class naval attractions in the area, including HMS Warrior and Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory. Fareham is a market town, and you can take your pick from regular farmers’ markets, gardeners’ markets and Monday markets. There are also some great speciality shops along West Street. Westbury Manor Museum marks the start of this fantastic shopping district, which is home to dozens of independent stores, coffee shops and eateries. If you’re looking for major UK retail brands, head to Fareham Shopping Centre, which is home to iconic retailers such as Boots, Debenhams and M&S. The other shopping centre in Fareham is Market Quay, which is home to a large gym and a five-screen cinema. Take the time to explore the old Fareham during your time in the area. A perfect place to do this is on the old High Street, which boasts some quite stunning examples of Georgian architecture.

If you need a quick sale in Fareham, the open market probably isn’t the best place to do business. Sell your property to Flying Homes, however, and you could have the proceeds of your sale in your account within a fortnight. Talk to one of our house buying agents today to discuss your requirements and arrange a free property valuation.

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