Houses For Sale in Derby – A Property Guide

How to sell a house in Derby today

With thousands of homes for sale in Derby at any given moment, it’s important to take a structured and comprehensive approach to the marketing of your home in the city. If you need to sell your house fast in Derby, reading this handy guide to the local property market should help you do that.

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The importance of the initial asking price

After a very tricky few years for the East Midlands property market, many towns, including Derby, are showing sustained recovery. All the signs point to a robust and sustained period of growth for house prices in the region. According to a recent article in the Derby Telegraph, property value growth in Derby is stronger than in any other East Midlands town or city. The Nationwide Building Society released data that revealed house prices rose by an astonishing 11 per cent during the last three months of 2013. And at £173,000, the average price of homes for sale in Derby is more than £20,000 higher than in Nottingham. Despite these incredible statistics, it is important not to take a quick and profitable sale for granted. You will still need to attract the attention of buyers through a reasonable initial asking price.

Derby’s property market is growing in strength, but you should still take some professional advice when selling your home in the city. If you have chosen to secure the services of an estate agent or property buying specialist, you get some guidance on asking prices. However, it might be a good idea to perform a little research of your own, especially since there is so much information available on the Internet. Research what houses are selling for in your street using the likes of Zoopla, and you can set your asking price accordingly. There is also much information on sold house prices available from Flying Homes or internet portals like the Rightmove website. The Land Registry web portal also holds property transaction data published via official government sources.

Who should market houses for sale in Derby?

There are several factors currently driving up the average price of a home in Derby. As well as a general recovery in the economy, Derby is also suffering from a chronic lack of homes. This lack of demand is also having an inflationary effect on property values in the region. A recent report in the Derby Telegraph revealed that house prices for homes for sale in Derby, in the city, rose by 5.5 per cent during the first half of 2014. However, finding a serious buyer for your home is still not a simple task. You will need a comprehensive marketing strategy – and that may mean enlisting specialist help.

If you are determined to avoid the cost of hiring an agent, then sell your house privately. However, you’ll need to take care of everything from taking photos to negotiating over price. In addition, you’ll need a list of contacts for advertising and lots of time to process your property sale from start to finish. Unless you have the knowledge and time to succeed in the job, you will run the risk of achieving less than the satisfactory final sale price. Hiring an estate agent in Derby may be expensive, but it could add a premium to your home that you never thought possible.

If you have to sell your house quick in Derby, even the most talented agent in the area will not be able to provide you with any guarantees on the final sale price or timescale. At Flying Homes, we buy any house; we will get you an offer on your property that will be stuck to – regardless of its current condition. And we’ll process the entire purchase within weeks – not months. In some rare cases, we have been able to complete a purchase within seven days, giving you the certainty you need to get on with your life and make plans for the future.

Is there a right time of year to sell in Derby?

Before the housing market crash brought on by the banking crisis of 2008, there were noticeable spikes in demand for houses. For instance, there would always be a slight jump in interest during the latter stages of winter and the early days of spring. As a result, buyers could plan for their future without the imminent distractions of the summer holidays or Christmas. However, things are far harder to predict now. The Home website recently published statistics that revealed the busiest month of 2013 for house sales in Derby was November.

There isn’t too much evidence to support the assertion that property prices change significantly according to the seasons. Still, there are advantages to adopting a marketing strategy in line with the seasons or the time of year. For example, if you are selling in summer, pay particular attention to the exterior of your home, including gardens and fascias. If you’re selling in winter, you might want to concentrate on creating a warm and cosy ambience.

What factors are affecting Derby house prices?

If you have been paying close attention to headlines surrounding house price rises in Derby recently, you will know that there is lots of positivity surrounding the local market. However, there are still no guarantees of success if you need to sell your house quickly in Derby. And depending on exactly where in the city your property is, you may not be in as high a position as you first thought. For instance, Heatherton, Mickleover and the nearby village of Duffield are all in high demand, and property prices in these areas are soaring. However, the more deprived urban areas of the city, including areas of Chellaston and Alvaston, are not faring quite as well.

Derby is a major British city – regarding both location and economic factors – so it stands to reason that all the common factors that determine house prices will apply in the city. For instance, if your house is in the catchment area of a good school, it will probably be in high demand amongst parents. You may also be able to achieve a premium if your house is close to established transport links or local amenities. The local crime rates will also influence the market value of your home. Unfortunately, many of these factors are beyond your control.

As well as the general factors influencing house prices for homes for sale in Derby, some initiatives and new developments unique to the city in play have a positive effect on property prices. For instance, the Derby Cityscape plan includes £2 billion worth of investment. Among the many projects designed as part of the scheme include a new city centre residential area, a new Westfield shopping centre, town centre office space and new road and footbridges. This project will bring construction jobs to the city in the short term and provide thousands of jobs in the services sector in the future. There are also plans afoot for a new residential and leisure development on the old American Adventure theme park site.

About the town of Derby

Located in the East Midlands of England, Derby is a city with around 250,000 people. This entire region has close links to heavy industry and manufacturing. Indeed, Derby was the home of Lombe’s Mill – the world’s first factory and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. In addition, a large number of industries grew up in the city during the 19th century, including the rail engineering sector.

Modern-day Derby is at the forefront of design innovations, and it is still home to Rolls-Royce, which is currently the second-largest producer of aeroplane engines in the world. Toyota also has a significant presence in the city and provides hundreds of jobs to the local economy.

Like all of the towns in the Midlands, Derby suffered from high unemployment, a lack of investment and falling house prices after the banking crash of 2008. However, its relatively hi-tech economic base stood in reasonably good stead after the recession, and the future is looking positive. The property market is gradually clawing back the losses it experienced during the recession, and the outlook for homeowners is excellent. But if you need to sell your house fast in Derby, you shouldn’t expect miracles. While things are improving, there aren’t as many buyers on the market as before the banking crash.

As Derby was the cradle of the Industrial Revolution, it stands to reason that many of the most popular tourist attractions in the city are devoted to this prestigious era. And if that is why you’re planning a visit there, you should make sure that a trip to the Derby Museum of Industry and History is on your schedule. Housed in one of Britain’s first-ever factories, the museum charts local innovation and industry progress. It includes exhibits from Rolls-Royce and a fascinating display of the water-powered spinning wheels developed in Derby.

If you are a fan of the arts, you should take the time to visit the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, where you’ll find a fantastic display of local ceramics and a gallery of archaeological discoveries. There is also an excellent selection of local pottery to be admired at the Royal Crown Derby Factory. And no visit to this thriving city should pass by without paying the majestic Derby Cathedral a visit, which has huge vaulted ceilings and a selection of ancient artefacts to explore.

If you’re more interested in the arts, the Quad is a great place to visit. This modernist example of architecture is home to an art gallery, a cinema and a collection of old film and TV reels from throughout the 20th century. You can also take in a stage production at the city’s Guildhall Theatre.

There is no doubt that the property market in Derby is now recovering strongly after the recent recession and banking crisis. However, there is still some way to go before the heights of 2007 are reached once again. So, if you need to sell your home quickly in Derby, you may benefit from the expert property services of Flying Homes. We will help find a buyer for your house in a matter of days, so you don’t have to deal on the open property market. So if you have one or more homes for sale in Derby, then call us today on 0800 669 6784 for a no-obligation quote.

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