Houses For Sale in Dartford, Property Guide

How Can You Sell Your Home in the Face of Stiff Competition from Many Houses for Sale in Dartford?

If you are about to list your property for sale in this area of Kent, you will need to take steps to ensure that your home is competitive with all the other houses for sale in Dartford. The information and advice in this guide to the local market should help you to make the best possible house selling decisions – enabling you to find a buyer as quickly as possible.

Dartford is a large town in the ceremonial county of Kent. Bordering Greater London, the city has become a critical commuter hotspot in recent years. Dartford located along the River Darent, and for centuries it served as a hugely important market town. The town’s industrial significance has diminished significantly in recent years, but local employment and prosperity levels are still higher than average.

Dartford was once home to brewing, paper-making and flour milling, but these industries declined rapidly during the 20th century. Retail now plays a significant part in the local economy, and the Bluewater Shopping Centre alone employs hundreds of local people. Another major employer in the area is Mazda, which has its UK headquarters at the Thameside Crossways Business Park. Relatively high levels of prosperity have fuelled incredible levels of house price growth in recent years, and demand for property in Dartford has never been higher than it is right now.

Property prices in Dartford rose steeply in 2015. According to an article on the Kent Online website, Dartford was one of the top 10 areas in the UK for house price growth. In 2014, the average price of a home in the town was around £236,000, yet by the end of 2015, it had reached nearly £263,000 – a rise of 16 per cent in just 12 months. But it would be a mistake to take things for granted on the open market. If you need to sell a house fast in Dartford, you’ll need to put together a comprehensive marketing plan and hope that the market produces the buyer you need. Alternatively, you can sell your house to Flying Homes. We buy UK homes on behalf of wealthy investors and cut out several stages from the house selling process for you, including marketing, advertising, networking, property viewings and price negotiations. We might be able to buy your home in its current condition for up to 100 per cent of its market value – and have everything done and dusted within just a few days.

Why you need to set a competitive asking price when selling houses in Dartford

This is a great time to be selling a house in Dartford. Both demand and average values are on the rise, and this scenario is one that should continue until at least the end of the decade. According to data from Rightmove, the average house price in Dartford at the end of 2015 was around £249,000. Semi-detached homes in the Kent town were selling for an average of nearly £308,000. Since 2013, the average price of residential property in Dartford has risen by more than 22 per cent, which is great news if you bought your home a few years ago. But regardless of the strength in the market, buyers will not pay over the odds for homes any more. To ensure that you attract sufficient numbers of prospective buyers to viewings, you will need to set an attractive initial asking price – that doesn’t devalue your home.

You can determine what your asking price should be by taking a close look at recent sold house prices in the immediate area. While this is a job that most people leave in the hands of an estate agent, you can do it yourself by making use of the various tools and resources that are available online. To find sold house values in the UK and also in your street in Dartford, enter your postcode into our property valuation calculator. You’ll also find the government’s statistics on property transactions on The Land Registry website, and Rightmove is home to a wealth of house sales statistics for Dartford.

Adopt a detailed and comprehensive approach to marketing when house selling in Dartford

The demand for housing in Dartford has never been greater, and it’s only going to get stronger in the coming years. According to a recent article on The Telegraph website, Dartford is now one of the UK’s brightest hotspots. A home in Dartford typically takes just 16 days to sell on the open market. Just a year ago, the same home would have taken an average of 49 days to find a buyer. Whilst this is fantastic news if you’re planning to sell a house in Dartford, there are some compelling reasons why you need to adopt a comprehensive approach to marketing on the open market. Demand could be pegged back at any time by problems in the mortgage market, a slowing economy, rising interest rates and a great many more factors.

Marketing houses for sale in Dartford can be a time-consuming, complex process. Even in such a strong property market, your lack of experience, spare time and knowledge could hurt your sale price if you decide to sell your home without an estate agent. While going it alone will save you some money in the short term, it could end up costing you big if you don’t have the knowledge and experience needed to maximise your sale price on the open market. Estate agents in Dartford will provide you with a network of contacts, local knowledge and negotiating prowess – all of which could add some serious value to your home. Unless you have the time and attributes needed to sell a house quick in Dartford, the most cost-effective option is probably to hire the services of an agent.

While houses are selling quickly in the town, there can never be any guarantees on the open market. But by selling your home directly to Flying Homes, you could be able to shave vital weeks of the selling process. We buy houses in any condition. In many situations, we’re able to complete property purchases within just two weeks.

What’s the best time of year to sell a house in Dartford?

There is no clear evidence linking house prices to the time of year. You won’t secure a higher price for your home just because you wait until the summer to list it for sale. Unless you know of an imminent development in the area that could give local house prices a boost, you should sell your home at the time that suits your circumstances. Yes, demand can spike at specific times of the year, but predicting those spikes is a very difficult job. The Home website recently revealed that July was the busiest month of the year to January 2016 for house sales in Dartford, but this isn’t a sign of an ongoing trend.

If you want to make the time of year count when selling a house in Dartford, you might be able to attract more interest in your property by making seasonal changes to it. These changes won’t add value, but they could appeal to the seasonal priorities of property buyers and help you to find a buyer more quickly. In the summer, consider improving your garden, outdoor areas and fascias to create great spaces for outdoor entertaining. In the winter, concentrate on improving energy efficiency measures and creating warm and welcoming ambiences.

What issues might increase prices for houses for sale in Dartford in the future?

Dartford is a large town, and there are several neighbourhoods and districts within it. While many reports talk of rising prices and soaring demand for property in the town, the reality might be a little different in your locality. It is therefore important that you do your house price research before starting to make the big selling decisions.

It’s important that you know exactly what issues are having an effect on local house prices in your part of Dartford. Many of these issues will have the potential to increase the market value of your home – but only if they are incorporated into your marketing strategy. For instance, you might be able to extract a premium for your home from buyers with children if there happens to be a great school in the area. Other issues that might inflate the market value of your home include low crime levels and the availability of off-road parking. Issues specific to Dartford to watch out for include plans for new flats in the town and a major regeneration initiative in Dartford.

Things to do in Dartford

If you’re a lover of retail therapy, you’ll be in your element in Dartford, as it is home to the Bluewater Shopping Centre – one of the largest in Europe. This part of Kent was also the home of Charles Dickens, and you’ll be able to walk in his footsteps by taking the short trips to Gravesend, Shorne, Higham and Chalk. Make sure you visit Gad’s Hill Place too, which is where Dickens wrote Great Expectations. If you’re in search of stunning architecture, pay Cobham Hall a visit, which is home to massive marble fireplaces, Georgian design features and centuries of history. If you want to get out and about, take a stroll around Shorne Woods Country Park, or get on your bike at Cyclopark. And there is a spine-chilling opportunity to step back in time to the Cold War at the Cold War Bunker – designed to keep people alive for many years after a nuclear strike.

If you need a quick house sale in Dartford, Flying Homes can help. Whether you’re selling to avoid repossession, you need to relocate for a new job or you simply want to avoid the stress of dealing on the open market, we can help. Call one of our expert house buyers today to arrange a free house valuation. And you could have the proceeds of your house sale in your account within just a week or two.

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