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A guide to selling your home in Cheshunt effectively

St Mary Cheshunt Herts

How to Sell Your Home in the Face of Stiff Competition from Many Houses for Sale in Cheshunt

There can be dozens of houses for sale in Cheshunt at any given moment – which is why your marketing strategy needs to be comprehensive to find someone to buy your home. The information and guidance in this guide to the Cheshunt property market should help you to secure a profitable house sale in the town as quickly as possible.

The town of Cheshunt is in the Borough of Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. Now a part of the Greater London Urban Area, the town is an essential part of the capital’s commuter belt – so much, so its population of around 55,000 is rapidly expanding. Just 12 miles from the City of London, Cheshunt is a hugely popular area for affluent, young professionals looking for a good standard of living.

Although Cheshunt is a trendy commuter town in the South East, it also has a thriving economy of its own. Home to Cheshunt FC ‘ The Ambers’, and formerly home to the Tesco headquarters for decades – creating hundreds of jobs over the years. Although Tesco has now moved, the town is still home to several retail areas and commercial developments, including The Brookfield Centre. Cheshunt has a sterling reputation within the horticultural industry – although most significant employers in the sector closed their doors for the last time during the 20th century. Indeed, the River Lee Navigation that runs through Cheshunt used for the transportation of flowers to central London for decades.

Prices for houses for sale in Cheshunt have soared since 2008, and they are still rising strongly. However, if your top priority is to sell a home fast in Cheshunt, even a healthy property market can’t give you any guarantees when it comes to timescales. But by selling your house to Flying Homes, you can cut out the market – and enjoy the certainty you need.

At Flying Homes, we buy property on behalf of investors who want to invest without the fuss meaning we can offer a high percentage of your home’s market value – regardless of its current condition. And crucially, our express house buying system means you could have the proceeds of your house sale in your bank account within a week or two. We take care of everything, so all you need to do is plan your next move.

Why a competitive asking price is essential when marketing houses for sale in Cheshunt

House prices in Cheshunt have increased by up to a third during the last three years or so, and they’re still rising. One of the reasons for this growth now and predicted for the future – has been the new Crossrail link. Although Crossrail 2 is still in the planning stages, there are reports that people are already looking for homes in Cheshunt to take advantage of projected house price growth over the next decade or so. According to Rightmove, the average property price in Cheshunt was around £308,000 at the end of 2015 – a rise of 12 per cent on the previous year and 30 per cent on the 2013 level. But house buyers will not pay over the odds for a property with memories of the last house price crash still fresh in their minds. To attract maximum interest in your home and sell it quickly, you will need to set a competitive asking price that gives reflects real value for money.

By assessing what houses for sale in Cheshunt are selling for, you’ll be able to ascertain what constitutes value for money. To do this, some careful research into sold house prices will be necessary. You can do this yourself, or you can leave it in the hands of an experienced estate agent. If you decide to research sold house prices in Cheshunt, you’ll find a wealth of information on the Rightmove website. The government releases property transaction data via The Land Registry web portal, and Zoopla provides access to house sales statistics for your street in Cheshunt with the entry of a postcode.

Pursue a comprehensive approach to marketing when house selling in Cheshunt

The demand for homes in Cheshunt is very high, and it’s still increasing. According to, the average home in the town took 96 days to sell in June 2015, but just 83 days in June 2016 – a decrease of 14 per cent. While this is very positive news, it does not mean that a quick house sale is a foregone conclusion. Several different issues could put the brakes on demand shortly, including rises to interest rates, recession, stamp duty increases and an end to the government’s Help to Buy scheme. It is therefore essential that you pursue a comprehensive marketing strategy that is relevant to both your target audience and your local property market in Cheshunt.

The easiest – and often most cost-effective way – to sell a house quick in Cheshunt is to leave everything in the hands of an estate agent. Of course, this can be an expensive course of action, but an estate agent in Cheshunt can show you how to sell your house on the internet effectively, which often means a higher sale price. A good agent will use local knowledge, negotiating experience and marketing contacts to secure a premium for your home. And in many cases, this premium will more than make up for the cost of the agent’s commission.

But what if you need to sell a house quickly in Cheshunt? You can’t rely on the open market if time is of the essence. You might need to sell before the bank repossesses your home. You might need to relocate at short notice for a job. You might want to sell your house in a snap without the worry and uncertainty that goes hand in hand with the open market. By selling to Flying Homes, you can have a high percentage of your home’s value in your bank account within just a week or two. We never renege on an initial offer at the last minute – as so many other UK home buyers have been guilty of in the past. We’ll make you an honest offer, and we’ll stick to it.

What is the best time of year to sell a house in Cheshunt?

Stated simply: the best time of year to sell property in Cheshunt is the time that suits your plans for the future. Most property professionals will tell you that there is very little evidence to prove a link between sale prices and the time of year exists. Unless there is an impending development in your area with the potential to drive up house prices, you should list your house for sale in Cheshunt when the time is right for you. Although the Home website revealed that July was the busiest month of the year to February 2016 for house sales in Cheshunt, this is not a sign of a long-term trend.

By making a few seasonal changes to your home’s layout, decor and amenities, there’s a chance you can make it appeal to the priorities of house buyers. One example of a buyer’s seasonal priorities during the summer might be a desire to have a well-maintained garden and entertaining outdoor area. In the winter, house buyers might be more concerned with warmth and ambience inside the home, as well as energy efficiency measures.

What issues can increase house prices in Cheshunt?

Cheshunt is a large place with a population of around 55,000, so it stands to reason that house price growth will differ from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. It is therefore essential not to take the news of rising house prices in Cheshunt for granted. A great many issues have the potential to drive up house prices in localised areas and knowing what they could be the key to maximising the sale price your home achieves. For instance, house prices tend to be higher within the catchment areas of top schools. A lot of parents will consider paying a little more for a home if it means their children will get into a good school. And most buyers will consider paying a premium for the privilege of living in areas where crime levels are low. The building of new homes in Cheshunt and a major scheme to regenerate Waltham Cross town centre are on the cards..

About the town of Cheshunt

Lying just to the north of Waltham Cross and 32 miles from London, Chesham is home to the famous River Lea (or Lee), as well as the historic Lee Valley Park. If you want to explore the history of this old Hertfordshire town, make sure you visit the Churchgate area, which is home to Bishops’ College, St Mary’s Church, Whit Hern Park and the 16th-century Green Dragon Inn. Make sure you do your history homework before visiting, however, as this was once the home town of Thomas Cromwell’s family. Just a mile from the town centre is Theobalds Park, which is a stunning Georgian mansion surrounded by 55 acres of parkland. And the centre of town is a shopper’s paradise – home to leading British retail brands such as Boots, River Island and Outfit. There are also some fantastic pubs in Cheshunt – many of which are historic buildings and attractions in their own right.

If your home is one of the many houses for sale in Cheshunt and you need a quick house sale, then don’t gamble with your future on the open market. Flying Homes can pay up to 100 per cent of market value for homes in any condition – and have the money you need in your account within a matter of days. Call us today to arrange a free, no-obligation house valuation.

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