Houses For Sale in Bradford – A Property Guide

Planning a House Selling Strategy When There Are So Many Houses for Sale in Bradford

With so many houses for sale, you could be forgiven for thinking the job of selling your home fast in Bradford is an almost impossible one. However, you can use this guide to the Bradford property market to get the process off to the best possible start.

How much is your home in Bradford really worth?

With so much conflicting information in the public domain about the price of houses for sale in Bradford, it’s difficult for anyone to predict what is going to happen in the coming years. However, the majority of property specialists and estate agents are predicting a prosperous future for homeowners in the city. While an article on the Thisismoney website revealed Bradford as the most affordable city to buy property in.

Yes, it is true to say that property prices in Bradford are low, but they are growing quickly; in fact, they were in the Nationwide’s top 10 UK cities for price growth in 2013. If you need to sell your house in Bradford quick, however, you shouldn’t let the statistics fool you. Selling property is still more difficult than it was in 2007, as there is a scarcity of credit available to new buyers. If you want a successful sale, you’ll need to start by setting realistic rice expectations.

You can research final sale prices in your own street by utilising one of several online resources, or get an equivalent estimate from our free valuation tool which produces results similar to a Zoopla property value. The Zoopla site lists Bradford house prices by postcode, and Rightmove publishes similar house sold data. You can also make use of The Land Registry website if you want to view the official government statistics. Your asking price should be competitive, but it should also give you the best chance of securing the higher end of the average price range for your area.

Who should be marketing your house in Bradford?

In January 2013, The Yorkshire Post published a report that revealed house prices in Bradford were actually falling. So for the city to become one of the UK’s top ten property hotspots within a year is a remarkable turn of events. If you bought your property at the height of the financial difficulties, there is a very good chance you will be able to watch the value of your Bradford home rise significantly over the coming years. If you want to sell your house quickly, however, you should prepare yourself for a long and arduous journey. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you’ll have a better idea of how to sell your home!

With money so tight, an increasing number of homeowners have decided to sell their home privately. Whilst this is possible, it requires an enormous amount of time and energy – as well as an intrinsic understanding of how the process works. But before you decide to do it yourself, it’s worth looking at the financial arguments for hiring an estate agent in Bradford. To research this then check Rightmove estate agents for a list of reliable operators.

An experienced and knowledgeable agent will have a network of potential buyers and marketing contacts to tap into. An agent will also know the intricacies of the open market, as well as how to negotiate a better deal for you. In fact, such is the value of an experienced agent, the premium they can deliver from a house sale is often more than enough to pay their fees and commissions.

Unfortunately, not even the most talented estate agent in the country can provide you with any guarantees of a quick sale or a particular price. If you need to find a buyer quickly, you have the option of allowing us to buy your property from you. We can take care of everything – from finding the buyer (often within just a few days) to processing the paperwork and forwarding the proceeds to your bank. This could be a very useful service if you’re facing repossession, or you need to move for a new job.

Is there a particularly good time to sell houses in Bradford?

The time of year you list your property for sale won’t usually affect the final sale price you achieve to any great extent. But it is worth remembering that demand for houses can fluctuate through the year. Not only are there usually more buyers around during late spring and early autumn, those buyers are more likely to be serious about purchasing property. This is because the distractions of summer and Christmas are still some way off. However, since the banking crash of 2008, it has become increasingly difficult to predict the ebb and flow of the markets.

According to data released on the Home website, the most popular months for house sales in Bradford were September, November and June. However, it’s probably not worth taking too much from these figures, as things could change quickly during the next few years. It is still worth altering your marketing and home staging approach according to the seasons though, as you can make your property appeal to a broader range of potential buyers.

House prices differ throughout Bradford

It can be tempting to get carried away by headlines suggesting house prices in Bradford are skyrocketing, because the picture is not so rosy in every neighbourhood of the city. While the overall trend for property prices is upwards, there are areas of Bradford that are still in the midst of property price stagnation. There are thousands of houses for sale in Bradford, and some of them can be picked up for as little as £41,000. You can take a look at average sold house prices on the Telegraph and Argus website.

While parts of Bradford are booming, areas such as Manningham, Listerhills and Great Horton are struggling to attract the attention of buyers – leading to falls in average house prices. Meanwhile, areas such as Wibsey, Thornton, Buttershaw and Saltaire are in increasingly high demand – and house prices are rising rapidly as a result.

What factors affect Bradford house prices?

Bradford has long been considered as the poorer neighbour of Leeds, and has struggled with something of an image problem for many years. Combined with higher-than-average rates of unemployment and the demise of the manufacturing sector, the last few years have been tough on homeowners. The city has struggled with house price falls more than most since 2008, but there is no doubt now that a corner has been turned.

There are several developments and initiatives underway in Bradford that could combine to create a sustained period of property value growth, including a new development in the Thackley area. Developers are currently surveying the site for old mineshafts before commencing preparatory work on a new 270-home housing development.  Plans have also been unveiled for a £400,000 brewery right at the heart of Bradford – a project funded by the City Centre Growth Zone Fund. There are also exciting plans afoot for the conversion of an old office block into flats.

Of course, a great many factors combine to determine house prices in Bradford, including the proximity of good schools, crimes levels in the area and the quality of local transport links.

About the city of Bradford

The city of Bradford has a population of more than 500,000, but together with the rest of the West Yorkshire Area, its combined population of 2.4 million people makes it the third largest metropolitan zone in the UK. Bradford was a relatively modest town during the Medieval area, and it wasn’t until the UK became the international centre for the textiles industry that its population and sprawl started to increase rapidly. Indeed, Bradford’s affinity with the wool industry earned it the unofficial nickname of ‘Wool Capital of the World’.

Bradford has a reputation of being something of a gritty, urban area blighted by unemployment. However, the city is home to a wide range of visitor attractions and sites of historic interest – as well as stunning swathes of countryside only a few miles from the city centre.

If you are interested in architecture, or you simply like to stand back and admire the presence of a beautiful building, the Little Germany area of the city has a great deal to offer. You will also be able to admire the stunning architecture in Saltaire, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bradford is home to a wide range of art exhibits and galleries, and a range of local and national artists have creations on display at Cartwright Hall and Salts Mill. You can get a true flavour of this part of England by visiting two very different museums. The Industrial Museum charts the history of the region during the rapid economic expansion during the Industrial Revolution. Meanwhile, the Bronte Parsonage is the fully preserved home of all three Bronte sisters, and it’s only a few miles away in Haworth.

Like all cities in the UK, Bradford has been forced to wean itself from an industry-led economy to one specialising in services and hi-tech industries. While there have been some successes along the road to modernisation, Bradford has suffered from relatively high rates of unemployment and social unrest in recent years, which has been hard on property values in the region. But things are now changing. A report in the Telegraph & Argus claimed that demand for housing in the area is now ‘soaring’, and that the city is now in the midst of a house-building boom.

Despite the positive signs emerging from Bradford’s housing market, you will still face some stiff challenges if you need to sell your house fast in Bradford. By allowing us to buy your house, instead of listing it on the market, you can bypass the stress and strains of negotiations and uncertainty. We work with investors and property buyers throughout Bradford and beyond, so you can get the quick sale you need with the minimum of fuss.

Buyers have thousands of houses for sale in Bradford to choose from, so despite a strengthening local property market, it’s very important to prepare yourself for a long, hard slog when it comes to selling on the open market. However, if time is of the essence, we will buy your house in Bradford in a matter of days. You won’t need to worry about broken promises and costly delays, because we’ll take care of everything for you – leaving you free to plan your future. Protection Status