Houses For Sale in Bootle – A Property Guide

Selling Your Home in the Face of Stiff Competition from Hundreds of Houses for Sale in Bootle

The property market in Bootle is highly challenging, and demand for homes is unpredictable. To compete with hundreds of houses for sale in Bootle and the surrounding areas, you will need to devise a comprehensive marketing strategy and be realistic about your initial asking price. Use this guide to the local property market to help you do both.

Bootle, blighted by some of the worst unemployment figures in the UK since the late 1970s, is ranked 10th in terms of long-term unemployment rates. However, for many years the town ranked number one, which suggests that economic progress made. It is because of this long-term economic stagnation that Bootle’s average house price is so low. Demand for homes is struggling too, so if you need to sell a house fast in Bootle, you’re in for an uncertain time. Alternatively, you can bypass the property market by consulting Flying Homes. Our registered buyers purchase houses in any condition for a high percentage of their market value.

Why you need to set a competitive asking price when house selling in Bootle

Bootle house prices have been significantly lower than both the national and regional average for more than four decades. Although there has been some progress in this respect more recently, property values in Bootle still languish way below those recorded in other towns and cities in North West England. According to one report on the Liverpool Echo website, Bootle had an average house price of just £90,000 in May 2015, the lowest average property value in the Merseyside region and represented one per cent fall on the same time the previous year. Nowhere in the area are house buyers more price-conscious. If you need to sell a house quick in Bootle, you will need to be realistic about the asking price you set.

There will be a fine line between overpricing and underpricing your home in the Bootle property market. To ascertain what constitutes the optimum price, some detailed research into recent sold house prices will be necessary. The easiest thing to do would be to leave this research in the hands of your estate agent. But you can get involved yourself by using the many resources and tools that are available online. You can access a range of house sales statistics for Bootle on the Rightmove website, and The Land Registry is where you will find property transaction data from government sources. And entering your postcode on the Zoopla website will enable you to access sold house prices for your particular street in Bootle.

A detailed marketing plan is crucial when selling houses in Bootle

The demand for homes in and around Bootle is unpredictable at best. At worst, it is sluggish and amongst the weakest in the UK. You will only be able to maximise the sale price you achieve for your home if you can attract as many people to property viewings as possible. However, this will be exceptionally tough when a limited number of buyers are in the market for hundreds of houses.sell – a fall of 12 per cent. While house prices remain sluggish, this is good news if you need a quick house sale in Bootle. However, the need for a comprehensive marketing plan in such a challenging market is paramount.. While house prices remain sluggish, this is good news if you a quick house sale in Bootle. However, the need for a comprehensive marketing plan in such a challenging market is paramount.

A lot of people are trying to save some cash during the house selling process by selling their house without an estate agent. This will save you several hundred pounds in the short run, but it could end up costing you money – in the form of lost value – unless you have the time, knowledge and contacts needed to put together an effective marketing strategy. An estate agent in Bootle will be able to give you all of these attributes, as well as deft negotiating skills. In the right circumstances, these attributes could convert to a higher sale price – making the cost of an agent’s commission well worth paying.

But there are times when the need to sell a house quickly in Bootle takes priority over everything else. If you face such a situation, there isn’t an estate agent in the UK who can give you any guarantees on how long it will take to find a buyer for your home. However, by selling your house with Flying Homes help, you can bypass the market by cutting out several stages of the process. Our property investors buy homes in any condition and have a proven track record of paying a high percentage of the market value for them. In the right circumstances, there is a chance that you can have the proceeds of your house sale in your account within a matter of weeks.

Choosing the best time of year to list houses for sale in Bootle

There is no right or bad time to sell a house in Bootle in terms of market potential. While demand for homes can peak at certain times of the year, there is no evidence to suggest that peaks in demand directly affect property values. And even if there was, predicting when demand will be at its highest is almost impossible. Keep an eye on Zoopla property values in this respect. Only if there is an imminent new development in the area should you consider delaying the listing of your house for sale? The Home website has revealed that July was the busiest month of the year to December 2015 for house sales in Bootle. But you can’t rely on this being the case in future years. If you want to use the season to your advantage, make subtle, seasonal adjustments to your home. These will appeal to the buying priorities of people in your area – helping you to find a buyer quickly.

House prices in Bootle can be affected by a range of external issues

Bootle is home to more than 77,000 people in various neighbourhoods and districts. Although most of what you read will be referring to house price stagnation and decline in the town as a whole, there is a chance that property values in your particular street have been outperforming the town’s average rate recently. Only by researching house prices in your street and setting your asking price accordingly will you be able to maximise the selling price you achieve.

Research the issues that have the potential to increase house prices in Bootle, and you’ll be able to put together a comprehensive marketing plan aimed at your target demographics. For instance, if you find that a local school in Bootle has received top OFSTED ratings for some years, you should be able to secure a premium for your home from buyers with children. And it’s also worth checking local crime rates for your area. If they are low, some buyers will pay a little extra for the privilege of living there. New developments, infrastructure plans and regeneration programmes have the potential to increase house prices too. In Bootle, such events might include a new residential development in Bootle and a major regeneration scheme for the area.

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About the Town of Bootle

Bootle is a town located in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton in Merseyside. With a population of more than 77,000, the town is one of the largest in the region. For decades, the town’s economy was heavily dependent on the docks and the related industries, but the deindustrialisation of northern England left a gaping hole in local employment levels.

By the 1980s, Bootle Docks were in terminal decline, and most of the industries that used the Mersey for transportation were shutting down and moving to economies with cheaper workforces. Thankfully, a major regeneration programme is now underways, which includes the building of new business districts, as well as the creation of the new-look Strand Road area. Among the major employers in the area are the Health and Safety Executive, ASDA, LIDL and the NHS.

Things to do in Bootle

Bootle is a mostly residential and industrial town, so the vast majority of visitors to the region will stick to the main sights and attractions in Liverpool. However, you will find the quaint promenades of Southport just a few miles away. Or take a stroll around the historic Docks area, which was a major target for German bombers during World War Two. You will find The Atkinson centre just a few miles away, which is home to high-quality art exhibitions and a range of shows from the world of dance, music and drama. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while, make sure you take a trip to Derby Park, which is just 10 minutes work from the centre of Bootle.  The park, built in 1895, is on the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. There are lots of things to do and see at Derby Park for people of all ages. If you have children, take them to the outdoor play area. You can enjoy a game of bowls, or football in a designated ‘knockabout’ area. There are also various statues and landscaped gardens to enjoy. But if you’re feeling adventurous, make sure you have a go at the zip wire.

House prices in Bootle are low by UK standards, and demand for property is relatively weak. If a quick house sale is your top priority, bypass the open market altogether by calling Flying Homes today. We’ll explain your options and arrange your free, no-obligation valuation. Protection Status