What’s The Best Way to Sell Your Home in Blackpool?

A Guide to Selling Homes When Faced with Stiff Competition from Hundreds of Houses for Sale in Blackpool

The housing market for homes for sale in Blackpool can be intensely competitive, so you will need to take marketing and the setting of an initial asking price very seriously indeed. This house selling guide should help you to sell quickly and profitably in the town.

Sadly for hundreds of homeowners with houses for sale in Blackpool, property prices took a steep tumble during the last recession, and they have been relatively slow to recover since. So if you need to sell your house fast in Blackpool, you will need to prepare for a tough task ahead. However, there is a viable alternative to selling on the open market, and it involves selling your home quickly to a cash buyer who can buy any house directly, on behalf of private investors with the freedom and cash required to complete a purchase in a matter of days.

Set a competitive asking price when selling a house in Blackpool

Contrary to many news headlines published, it seems that Blackpool’s housing market is making a remarkable comeback. Thisismoney.co.uk issued a report that revealed house prices in the town rose by 5.6 per cent during the 12 months to March 2014. Indeed, the average cost of a home in Blackpool shot up by an astonishing 3.1 per cent in a single month – taking the average property price beyond the psychologically significant barrier of £80,000. Although house prices are still some way off their 2007 high in the town, there is a growing feeling that an important corner turned. But there are still several challenges to overcome if you need to sell your house fast in Blackpool – so an achievable and competitive asking price is a must.

Banks are still keeping a tight hold on their purse strings after the disastrous banking crash of 2008, so affordable home loans are still in relatively short supply. Moreover, buyers are now prepared to take their time in search of the right property at the right price. A recent article in the Blackpool Gazette revealed that house price growth for houses for sale in Blackpool was the highest anywhere in the UK outside London during March 2014 – but that doesn’t mean you can take a quick sale for granted. A competitive asking price is a must, so you will need to either hire an estate agent to value your property or research local sold house prices to arrive at a sensible, competitive asking price. You can ascertain the price properties have sold for recently by entering your postcode into the Zoopla sold prices website. Alternatively, there is a wealth of property transaction data available from Rightmove. You’ll also find official government statistics on recent house sales on The Land Registry website.

Choose the best person to take charge of marketing your house for sale in Blackpool

The 2014 headlines for Blackpool house prices have been very encouraging, but the picture was very different just a few months ago. An article on the Thisismoney website revealed that, while 100 buyers were chasing every house for sale in Brixton during 2013, homeowners in Blackpool were struggling to sell three-bedroom, detached houses for just £50,000.

Selling quickly in some property markets is a relatively straightforward task; however, Blackpool, in the North West is not one of them. Although selling your home yourself will save you the cost of hiring an estate agent you may not get as much as you think without the help of a professional. If you need to sell your home quickly in Blackpool, and for a price that reflects the growing strength of house prices in the town, hiring an estate agent for the job is advisable – unless you have the knowledge and time to devote to the process.

However, there are simply no guarantees when it comes to selling homes on the open market – even with a top estate agent in your corner. Flying Homes have developed working relationships with private buyers and investors throughout Blackpool and the North West, so we are confident we can get a realistic offer on any home in the town.

Is there a profitable time to sell a house in Blackpool?

If you are worried that selling during a particular season will affect the potential value of your home, it’s worth noting that evidence proving a link between seasonal changes and final sale prices is almost non-existent. There was once a feeling amongst property experts that spikes in demand for homes in the UK used to occur during the late stages of winter and the first few weeks of autumn, but the recent property crash means making such predictions is now incredibly difficult. The busiest month of the year to August 2014 for completed house sales in Blackpool was May.

While there is little to be gained in delaying the listing of your property for sale until a more ‘profitable’ time of year, adapting your staging and marketing strategies according to the time of the year could broaden the appeal of your home. For example, making the best possible use of light, space and outdoor areas during winter appeal to the seasonal priorities of prospective buyers. During the winter, concentrate your efforts on creating an ambience of warmth and refuge.

What factors can influence house prices in Blackpool?

Before you become downhearted by news of struggling home prices and stifled demand for homes for sale in Blackpool, it’s important to look at exactly what is happening to property values in your part of town. For instance, property prices in the likes of Marton, St. Annes, Lytham and Layton are relatively buoyant at the moment. Property values in areas such as Grange Park and Mereside have been growing at a far slower rate.

It is also worth keeping abreast of local issues that could positively affect the value of your house in Blackpool. If your home located within the catchment of a school that regularly receives outstanding OFSTED reports, you can be reasonably sure that it will be in high demand amongst parents. You may also be able to secure an added premium for your home if you live in an area with low crime rates or particularly good transport links.

There are always issues unique to a town or city that have the potential to affect house prices in the area positively. In Blackpool, for instance, a major new housing development in the Queens Park Estate will create construction jobs and attract people to the town. There is also a similar housing development in the Central Drive area that could make the town far more attractive to people looking for alternatives to Liverpool and Manchester in the North West. But of all the current and recent developments in Blackpool, the £100 million regeneration of the promenade has had the most profound impact on local businesses and tourism income.

If you are considering buying a property in Blackpool then see our properties for sale feeds.

About Blackpool

Blackpool is a town located on the Irish Sea coast in North West England. Situated just 27 miles from Liverpool and 40 miles from Manchester, it enjoys a reputation as Britain’s most popular seaside resort. With a population of more than 142,000, it is a relatively large town, and it grows considerably every summer when hundreds of thousands of visitors flock there.

Blackpool was a small coastal village for centuries until the beginning of the 19th century – when people with growing incomes were looking for coastal destinations to enjoy family holidays. When the town’s first railway station opened during the 1840s, tourism took off in a big way. By the dawn of the 20th century, the town was home to more than 40,000 permanent residents and a range of tourism-related businesses. Unfortunately, cheap air travel and the lack of sunshine in Britain’s top seaside resort persuaded many people to go abroad for their holidays during the latter half of the 20th century, and the tourist trade suffered considerably. Large sections of the promenade neglected for many years, and unemployment soared as a result.

Despite the emergence of several commercial sectors in Blackpool, the town’s economy is still dominated by tourism, and some recent improvements to the famous promenade have given local businesses a much-needed shot in the arm. There are, however, some high-profile employers now with headquarters in Blackpool, including Burton’s Biscuit Company, National Savings and Investments and Debenhams.

Blackpool is one of the few tourist destinations in the UK that requires no introduction. It is synonymous with fairground rides, fish and chips and miles of bustling beaches. Easily the most iconic sight in the town is Blackpool Tower, which has stood proudly over the entire town since 1894. You can take a trip to the top, and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding areas via a glass-floor elevator. Another of the great institutions of this hugely popular resort is the Blackpool Illuminations. More than one million bulbs are strung out across a six-mile stretch of the most famous seaside promenade in the world. And if you have kids in tow, or you are into adrenaline-fuelled rides, a trip to the iconic Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a must. Take a stroll along Blackpool’s three fun-packed piers, or head to Blackpool Zoo where more than 1500 animals await your attention. Other popular attractions in the town include the Sandcastle Waterpark, Madame Tussaud’s and the Blackpool Winter Gardens – which hosts everything from professional darts to political party conferences.

After a tumultuous time for homeowners in the town, houses for sale in Blackpool are finally starting to move. However, if a quick house sale is a must, we may be able to help. Call us today for a no-obligation chat about your home selling options.


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