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With Hundreds of Houses for Sale in Bedford, How Do You Sell Yours Easily?

Bedford has been fortunate enough to experience rising house prices in recent months; in part, due to the overheating property market in London. However, if you need to sell a house fast in Bedford, there are still some significant challenges to overcome. You can bypass the market altogether, and get the certainty you need, by selling your house fast to Flying Homes, we buy any house in the UK. Flying Homes are national homebuyers and also work on behalf of investors and companies that buy houses throughout the UK. We’re always on the lookout for homes to buy in Bedford. The service we offer negates the need for costly and time-consuming marketing campaigns, property viewings and protracted price negotiations.

Set a competitive asking price when selling a house in Bedford

Bedford has long been one of the more affordable towns in South East England when it comes to home buying, but according to one report from ITV, property values in the town have been booming in recent years. As recently as 2014, when house prices in many areas of the region were relatively stagnant, the cost of a home in Bedford had shot up by 5.4% during the previous 12 months. Although the average price of a home was still relatively low by South East England standards, house price growth in the town was stronger than in the likes of Cambridgeshire, Luton, Rutland, Milton Keynes and Peterborough. However, the fact that the average house price in Bedford is still well below the regional average suggests that local buyers are price conscious.

If you need to sell a house quick in Bedford, you will need to set an asking price that is competitive – both in terms of your locality and the type of house you’re selling. Setting an optimum asking price involves research into recent sold house prices – something an estate agent or house buying specialist will usually take care of. However, you can take on this job yourself by making use of the various tools and resources that are at your disposal on the Internet. For instance, you can view detailed house price statistics on the Rightmove website for free, and you only need to enter you postcode to access property transaction data on the Zoopla website. It is also possible to find government data on sold house prices in Bedford via The Land Registry web portal.

Devise a comprehensive marketing plan when selling a house in Bedford

Since 2013, house prices in Bedford have been rising at a faster rate than the national average. Boosted by the government’s Help to Buy scheme, low interest rates and the affordability of property in the area, local homeowners have been watching the value of their home rise rapidly for more than two years. The Bedford Today website also reported that demand for rented accommodation was actually on the decline in 2013, and this trend has continued since. Despite this obviously good news for homeowners, there are some caveats to bear in mind. The prospect of rising interest rates, new rules on home loans and the growing gap between house prices and wages are all tempering demand somewhat. In order to attract buyers for your property in Bedford, in sufficient numbers, you will need to cast your net wide with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

If you need to sell a house quickly in Bedford, you may need all the professional help you can get. While selling a house without an estate agent is a good way to save some money in the short term, it can leave you counting the cost of lost value if you don’t have the time and know-how required. An estate agent in Bedford will be able to draw upon experience, local knowledge and a network of contacts in order to maximise the market value of your home – and these are all attributes worth paying for if it means you can truly fulfil the price potential of your home.

Of course, you may be facing a situation where the uncertainty of the open market could leave your future plans in jeopardy. Perhaps you are facing repossession, or maybe you need to sell up quickly to relocate for employment. Whatever your reasons for needing a quick sale are, Flying Homes can help. We can buy houses in Bedford for up to 100 percent of their market value – regardless of their condition. And in the right circumstances, we can complete property transactions in as few as seven days.

What is the best time of year for house selling in Bedford?

There isn’t too much evidence to suggest that selling a house at a particular time of year can have a dramatic impact on the sale price achieved. While demand can rise at very specific times of the year, there is no guarantee that this will translate to a higher price. And even if it did, predicting when demand will be at its highest is an almost impossible task. According to the Home website, the busiest month of the year to March 2015 for house sales in Bedford was July, which is slightly unusual given the fact that many people choose to holiday at this time of year. It might suggest that the market for homes is in a state of flux. If you want to use the time of year to your advantage, consider making some seasonal adjustments to your home’s layout, decor and marketing strategy.

What issues can affect house prices in Bedford?

Before you settle on a specific price expectation based on media reports and advice from estate agents, it’s worth remembering that Bedford is a large town, and it includes many different neighbourhoods and outlying villages. Although news of house price growth is to be welcomed, the situation in your particular neighbourhood could be very different. It’s a good idea to research sold house prices using Rightmove and Zoopla in the UK before making any decisions. For instance, property values in areas such as Marston, Clophill, Ampthill and Flitwick have been rising at a far faster rate than they have been in the centre of Bedford.

There can be several issues in a localised area with the potential to positively influence house prices. For instance, a house that lies within the catchment area of a top school will always be in demand amongst parents – and this could mean you’re able to secure a premium by marketing to buyers with children. You may also find that buyers are prepared to part with a little extra cash for homes in neighbourhoods that have low crime rates. There might be issues specific to Bedford with the potential to drive house prices up too, including a new ‘Jobs Hub’ development and a series of town improvement projects across Bedford.

The Town of Bedford

The town of Bedford is located to the north of Greater London, and with a population of around 107,000, it is the 69th largest urban area of the United Kingdom. The wider Borough of Bedford – which includes larges swathes of surrounding countryside – is home to around 160,0000.

Bedford is an historic town with several centuries of history. Founded on the banks of the Great Ouse River, the town was an important seat of power as early as the 12th century – when King Henry I built Bedford Castle.

The local economy in Bedford is dominated by the service sector, although there was once a prolific brick-building industry in the town. Indeed, the town’s huge Italian population is due to the labour recruitment policy of the London Brick Company in the 1950s, which involved bringing cheap labour over from southern Italy. To this day, it is believed that around 30 percent of Bedford residents are of Italian heritage.

As well as a very successful and vibrant retail industry, Bedford is home to a thriving distribution sector – thanks to the A6 route into London and two established rail links to other towns and cities in southern England. The town is also considered to be an important centre of the arts, with several theatres, museums and art galleries attracting visitors in their tens of thousands every year.

Out and about in Bedford

Bedford is a real national centre for the arts, and it is home to several impressive museums and galleries. The Higgins Bedford was recently refurbished at a cost of nearly £6million, and it houses a range of local artworks and artefacts. The John Bunyan Museum charts the life and times of the great local author, while art and music production are both taught and showcased at The South Bank Arts Centre. You can enjoy a relaxing day at the Panacea Museum if you’re looking to get away from the urban sprawl for a little while. This fascinating museum tells the story of the Panacea Society – a strange religious community that was once based in the town. You will always find a live event at the Bedford Corn Exchange to enjoy, and the Quarry Theatre at St Luke’s always has something to offer fans of lavish stage productions and concerts. If you simply want to relax and unwind, take a river cruise through some stunning countryside, or spend a while exploring the beautiful views at Bedford Castle Mound and Embankment Gardens. Other public parks at your disposal in the town are Russell Park, Priory Marina Country Park and Bedford Park.

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