Houses For Sale in Ashford – A Property Guide

Selling Your Home in the Face of Stiff Competition from Many Houses for Sale in Ashford

There can be a lot of houses for sale in Ashford at any given moment. If you want to compete and attract potential buyers to property viewings in sufficient numbers, you will need to set an attractive asking price and adopt a comprehensive marketing strategy. There are tips and information in this property guide that should help you to sell your house fast – and for the right price.

The recent rate of house price growth in Ashford has been exceptional – something that is expected to continue for at least another five years. But if you need to sell a house fast in Ashford, you won’t get the guarantees you’re looking for on the open property market. Instead of leaving the sale of your home in the hands of an estate agent, why not sell your property to Flying Homes? We’ll buy any house in Ashford and any condition, for up to 100 per cent of the market value. We buy directly from owners, which reduces the time it takes to complete a property transaction significantly. In the right circumstances, we can finalise the purchase of a house in just a few days.

Why you need a competitive asking price when selling a property in Ashford

Home prices have been rising steeply in Ashford for several years now. So much so, you could be sitting on a goldmine if you bought your home in the town five or six years ago. House prices in Ashford have risen from an average of £95,000 in 1995 to £330,000 in 2014. Conversely, the average price of a flat in Ashford decreased by £5,000 between 2005 and 2014. Nevertheless, house price growth could reach double digits between now and the end of the decade. Wage levels have failed to keep up with recent rises in house prices in this part of Kent, so buyers are exceptionally cautious when it comes to asking prices. If you hope to entice a significant number of prospective buyers to property viewings, you should set a highly competitive asking price.

Recently sold house prices partly determine the value of your home. If you set your asking price too high, you will struggle to generate sufficient interest in your home. If you set it too low, however, you could permanently damage your chances of achieving your property’s full market value. Some careful research into sold house prices will let you know what your home can reasonably be expected to fetch on the open market. This research is usually carried out by an estate agent, but you can do it yourself using online tools and resources that are free to access. The Rightmove and Prime Location websites, for example, is home to a wealth of house sales data for Ashford. The government releases official figures on property transactions via The Land Registry web portal. And entering your postcode on the Zoopla website will enable you to view sold house prices for your street in Ashford.

Marketing is critical when home selling in Ashford

Ashford has been one of the most prosperous towns in the commuter belt regarding average property values. Commuters can get into central London in around 40 minutes, and an annual train season ticket costs less than £3,000. These factors have driven demand for homes in the area. But there are issues to be wary of – many of which have the potential to hold back future demand for homes in the town. A slowing economy, an end to the government’s Help to Buy Scheme, increases in stamp duty and the prospect of rising interest rates could all make it harder to sell houses in Ashford during the next few years. Regardless of how secure the local property market appears, you will need to pursue a comprehensive approach to marketing if you require selling a house quickly in Ashford.

The Ashford real estate market is in an excellent place at present. Homes are selling relatively quickly, and for an average price more than the national average. If you want to sell a house without an estate agent in a bid to save yourself some money, Ashford is a relatively good place to do it. But before you do, it’s important to consider what you’ll be missing out on by going it alone on the open market. An estate agent in Ashford will provide in-depth knowledge of the local market, experience, time and a ready-made network of marketing contacts. When combined, these attributes can convert to a hefty premium. You should only sell a house in Ashford privately if you know what you’re doing and have the time the selling process requires.

If faced with a situation that requires you to sell a house quickly in Ashford, relying on the unpredictable open market may fill you with dread. But you can bypass marketing, advertising, property viewings and protracted price negotiations by selling your property to Flying Homes. We buy houses for a high percent of market value, and we can complete many transactions within just a week or so. Whether you are trying to avoid having your house repossessed, relocating for a new job or simply trying to avoid the stress and uncertainty of selling homes the traditional way, our express property buying service could be the answer.

Choosing the best time of year to sell a home in Ashford

There is no evidence to suggest that home prices rise and fall in line with changing seasons. You should only delay the sale of your home if you know of impending regeneration projects or developments in the area that has the potential to increase local house prices. The number of homes sold in Ashford during the year to January 2016 peaked in July, but there are no guarantees that this trend will repeat in future years.

While you won’t be able to increase the market value of your property, making seasonal changes to your home could help you to sell it more quickly. By adapting your home’s decor, amenities and layout to the current season, you should be able to attract more people to property viewings. Such changes might include creating beautiful gardens and outdoor areas in summer and implementing energy efficiency measures during the winter.

Can external factors affect house prices in Ashford?

Most property analysts and experts are predicting more house price growth for the town between now and the end of the decade. However, before you settle on your price expectations, it’s important to remember that Ashford is a large, modern town that is home to several different neighbourhoods and districts. Don’t take anything for granted. Do your house price research, and set your expectations – and your initial asking price – accordingly.

The best way to create an effective marketing plan is to assess the many issues that can increase house prices in a localised area allowing targeting of distinct groups of buyers in search of a premium. to be targeted. For example, if you find that there is a local school with consistently good OFSTED ratings, you might be able to secure a premium from a buyer with children. There is also evidence that low crime rates can positively affect average house prices. Make sure you assess issues unique to Ashford too, which might include a plan for 700 homes in the Kennington area and the building of a new junction on the M20 motorway.

About the town of Ashford

Ashford located within the ceremonial county of Kent is on the banks of the River Great Stour, and it is currently home to around 75,000 people. Ashford enjoys excellent transport links into London and the rest of South East England’s conurbation. An international passenger station provides quick and convenient access to the capital and mainland Europe.

Ashford has grown steadily over the course of the last 50 years or so – partly due to the government’s plans to attract house buyers and businesses to the town. Among the recent changes that have breathed new economic life into Ashford include the building of the County Square Shopping Centre, the Ashford Designer Outlet and the continuing redevelopment of the town centre and the old town.

As well as having a thriving retail sector, Ashford is home to several major factories, head offices and processing plants. Among the main employers in the town are Premier Foods, Quest International and catering giant Brake Brothers. A significant percentage of the local population travel into London every day to work. And as house prices in the capital continue to soar, Ashford is expected to grow significantly.

Just 40 minutes from central London by train, Ashford is a hive of activity – and perfect for people who have a love of shopping. You will find every imaginable retail brand at either the Ashford Designer Outlet or the County Square Shopping Centre. If you’re a lover of music, make sure you visit the restored St.Mary the Virgin Church, which is now called Revelation St. Mary’s  a premier destination for live music. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle by taking in some beautiful countryside, make your way to the Ashford Green Corridor, which is a nature reserve in the heart of the town. The town centre is home to a range of night spots, restaurants and Ashford Bowling. And a range of different leisure amenities can be found at Eureka Entertainment. You can learn about local history at Ashford Borough Museum, or immerse yourself in the past by paying a visit to the resplendent Godlington House and Gardens.

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