A Guide to Selling Property in Aldershot

Selling a property in Aldershot.

There might be hundreds of houses for sale in Aldershot when you list your property for sale. Therefore you must adopt a comprehensive marketing strategy – as well as a keen asking price. The local property market guide for Aldershot contains information and advice that should help you make the right selling decisions on how to sell your home quickly and profitably.

The town of Aldershot, located in the South East of the UK in the ceremonial county of Hampshire, is around 40 miles from central London. The city is part of a broader conurbation that includes the likes of Farnborough, Camberley, and Farnham. This built-up area is home to more than £240,000 people, but the population of Aldershot itself is just 37,000.

Aldershot has a local economy driven by services, but the town has a long and illustrious involvement in the military. And while the presence of the army in the city has dwindled somewhat in recent years, the MoD has committed £100m to the improvement of Aldershot Garrison bringing hundreds of members of the armed forces and their families to the area, which will undoubtedly provide the local economy with a boost. The town’s military history also brings in many tourists – who want to explore Britain’s history of warfare at the Aldershot Military Museum.

House price growth in Aldershot has been exceptionally high recently – pricing many local people out of the market altogether. The town’s transport links into central London have made it popular with affluent commuters, so demand has soared too. But if you need to sell a house fast in Aldershot, you may be in for a nervous wait. House buyers are taking their time searching for value these days and won’t pay over the odds for their home. If a quick sale is your top priority, you can bypass the open market by selling your house to us. We buy homes on behalf of affluent investors and private buyers across the UK, so we can often start the house buying process when homeowners instruct us to do so. We can buy homes for a high percentage of market value, and we’re usually able to conclude property purchases in just a week or two.

Why do you need a competitive asking price when selling houses in Aldershot?

Aldershot is currently one of the hottest property markets in the south of England. Aldershot has become so popular with buyers, recently named one of the UK’s top 10 most unaffordable places to live, leaving average wages behind. If you’re about to sell a house in Aldershot, however, this is excellent news. But while you shouldn’t run into too many problems when trading on the open market, there are still reasons to be cautious. A slowing economy, rising interest rates and an end to the government’s Help to Buy scheme could all put the brakes on house price growth in the future. Your initial asIn addition, your price must reflect real value for money to get buyers to view.

What represents a competitive price in your specific street depends on recent sold house prices. Therefore, doing some careful research into Aldershot house sales over the last few months is essential, more often a job for an estate agent. Still, you can do it yourself by using the various tools and resources available on the Internet for free. For example, the Rightmove website is home to a wealth of property transaction data for Aldershot. In addition, the government publishes house sales statistics via The Land Registry web portal, and Zoopla provides house sales information for your street in Aldershot based on the postcode you enter.

A comprehensive marketing strategy is essential when house selling in Aldershot.

The last 18 months or so have been fantastic for homeowners in Aldershot. Both prices and demand for homes are soaring, and property is spending less and less time on the market. According to Rightmove, the average flat in Aldershot sold for around £157,000 in 2015, while the average semi-detached home changed hands for more than £290,000. House prices in the town rose by 11 per cent between 2014 and 2015, and more robust house price growth is predicted for the future. But there are reasons to be cautious. Demand for property is inconsistent, and various issues could hold it back shortly, including higher interest rates, strict new rules on borrowing and a slowing economy. The need for a detailed and comprehensive marketing strategy has, therefore, never been higher.

The marketing of a house for sale in Aldershot can be a complicated, time-consuming process – even in such a high market. It involves the creation of property listings, marketing, networking, property viewings, price negotiations and a great deal of disruption to your life. While you might be tempted to sell a house without an estate agent on the open market, it’s worth remembering just how much work is involved. Selling your home yourself will save you the cost of an agent’s commission in the short term, but you could end up paying the price in the long run – in the form of a low selling price. Unless you have the know-how, time and contacts to maximise your selling price, hiring an estate agent in Aldershot is probably the most cost-effective option available to you.

If your top priority is selling a house quickly in Aldershot, the open market is not always the best place to do business. Several things can go wrong and delay the sale of your home on the open market. But sell your house directly to a cash buyer, and you could get up to 85% of its market value without the fuss.

What is the best time of year to sell a house in Aldershot?

There is very little evidence suggesting that homes sell for more in winter than in summer – or vice versa. While demand can spike at specific times of the year, predicting these spikes is a difficult task for even the most experienced estate agents. For example, according to Home.co.uk, the busiest month for house sales in Aldershot from the year to January 2016 was October. However, this isn’t a trend, as house sales peaked during other months in previous years.

Although it won’t add value to your property, making some subtle seasonal changes to your home’s layout, features and colour schemes could make it appeal to a broader range of prospective buyers. In the summer, For example, in use buyers might be looking for well-maintained gardens and outdoor areas, as well as bright, airy rooms inside the home. During the winter months, buyer priorities might switch to cosy ambiences and energy efficiency measures.

What issues can affect house prices in Aldershot

Aldershot is part of a broader conurbation, and house prices in this area can fluctuate from street to street, meaning that you shouldn’t take anything for granted. It would help if you found out what is going on in your street before making any significant house selling decisions.

There might be several issues currently affecting house prices in Aldershot. Just knowing about these problems and using them to sway your marketing decisions might allow you to get a premium from specific groups of buyers. For example, suitable schools in the local area often positively influence house prices, so directing your marketing efforts to buyers with children might pay dividends. You may also find that buyers are willing to pay above average for homes within low-crime areas. Watch out for issues specific to Aldershot, too, including house building schemes like the one in Wellesley and a primary project to breathe new life into Aldershot’s retail sector.

Visiting Aldershot

Aldershot has a proud association with the military that stretches back hundreds of years. During your time in the town, you can explore this history by visiting some of the area’s most famous landmarks, including the Royal Garrison Church, the Aldershot Military Museum, the Military Cemetery and the Aldershot Observatory. Head into town, and you’ll find a range of retail brands in the Wellington Shopping Centre, and much more is at the pedestrianised Wellington Street. The town centre is also home to a leisure centre, swimming pool, bowling alley, and the Alpine Snow Sports Centre. If you want to relax with a stroll, a picnic or a boat ride, you can do just that at Brickfields Country Park, which is home to nine acres of stunning parkland and a gorgeous lake.

If you consider buying a property in Aldershot, check our handy property feeds and bag a bargain home today.

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