A Guide to Selling Property in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

The Homeowner’s Guide to Selling a Property Quick When Faced with Competition from Many Houses for Sale in Aylesbury

If you are about to list a house for sale in Aylesbury, you should be prepared to compete with a lot of other homes for sale in the area. This guide to the local property market includes useful information and tips that should help you to locate a buyer as soon as possible. Make sure you check market trends & predictions before selling.

The town of Aylesbury located in Buckinghamshire has been in existence since Anglo-Saxon times. This large market town had a population of just under 60,000 according to the census of 2011.

Aylesbury Property Guide

Aylesbury has a market in existence for centuries, and to this day it is still one of the premier commercial areas of the town. Although the market still plays a significant role in the local economy, several large-scale employers have moved into the area in recent years. As well as great logistics and IT firms, dairy giant, Arla provides in the town’s three industrial zones, and there is a vibrant and lucrative tourist sector in the town too.

The continuing rise in average house prices in London has led to a sudden surge in both the population and the average property price in Aylesbury. More and more local people in the capital priced out of the housing market, increasingly look to property markets such as Aylesbury in the South East, for more affordable homes. This situation is expected to double the size of the town between now and 2023, as there are several different residential and commercial developments already underway.

Aylesbury House prices have been soaring for several years, and most experts are predicting this trend to continue in the coming years. The local market favours vendors at the moment, but there can never be any guarantees on the open market where selling prices and timescales are concerned. If you are thinking of selling your home quickly in Aylesbury, then Flying Homes can help. We buy property on behalf of investors who have the cash and freedom to get the ball rolling on the purchase of your home today. We can pay up to 100 percent of market value for homes in any condition, and there are times when we’re able to complete a property transaction in just a week or so.

A competitive asking price is needed when selling a house in Aylesbury

A combination of a lack of supply and incredible rates of house price growth in London has been fuelling increasing levels of property value growth in Aylesbury. The Bucks Herald website reported in 2014 that Aylesbury is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most important property hotspots. Added to the fact that the London real estate market is still pricing many people out of the market are the large number of residential and commercial developments planned for Aylesbury. House price growth could continue for several years to come. Don’t get too reliant about the prospects of a profitable and quick house sale; you need to remember that it wasn’t too long ago that people hit were with negative equity and falling home prices. Local buyers are well aware of what can happen in the future, so competitive asking prices are essential.

Yes, property values in Aylesbury are soaring, and there is no doubt that this is an excellent time to sell a house in the town. However, if you need to sell a home quick in Aylesbury, it’s best to set your initial asking price at the lower end of the average range for your area. To ascertain the maximum asking price, your estate agent or house buyer will perform some detailed research into sold house prices. But you can do this research yourself using The Land Registry web portal, and property transaction data for Aylesbury on the Rightmove website. Enter your postcode on Zoopla’s search facility to gain access to house sales statistics for your particular area of Aylesbury.

Why your marketing strategy is crucial when home selling in Aylesbury

There is a chronic shortage of supply in the Aylesbury housing market, which is just one of the reasons why house prices have been skyrocketing recently. Demand for homes has never been higher, according to data recently published on the Home website. A semi-detached property in Aylesbury took, on average, 110 days to sell in September 2014. However, the same house took just 49 days to sell in September 2015. While you can quite rightly be confident about securing a quick house sale in these favourable market conditions, it is important not to take things for granted. The Bank of England’s new rules on borrowing, the prospect of rising interest rates and the growing gap between average salaries and average house prices in the area could all put the brakes on demand in the coming months.

Your marketing strategy is as important as it ever was.

Now is a good market in which to sell a house if you are determined to save an agent’s commission. Because homes are selling in a matter of days on the open market, selling without the expert help of an estate agent in Aylesbury is not a huge gamble to take. However, before you take the plunge on your own, you should bear in mind what you’ll be missing out. Yes, selling without an agent will save you some money, but you could lose out on value because you won’t have access to a local agent’s knowledge, negotiating prowess and marketing contacts.

If you must sell a house quick in Aylesbury, you might be wary about gambling on the open market. If so, we can buy your home directly from you in its current condition – and complete the purchase in as few as seven days. We have a proven track record of paying between 90 and 94 percent of market value, and we have a reputation for never retracting or lowering our formal offers at the last minute.

When is the best time of year for selling houses in Aylesbury?

Stated simply: there is no best time of year to sell a home in Aylesbury. Of course, the number of buyers on the market for a property in the town can peak at very specific times of the year, but predicting these spikes with any degree of certainty is an almost impossible task. And even if you could predict them, there is little evidence to suggest that selling prices are in any way related to the current season. The number of house sales in Aylesbury during the year to June 2015 peaked in May, according to the Home website. However, there is no guarantee that the number of house sales will rise during May in the future. You can still use the current season to your advantage, however. Make some seasonal changes to your home in line with the seasonal priorities of buyers.

Can external issues have a direct impact on house prices in Aylesbury?

Aylesbury is a large urban area, and it includes many different neighbourhoods and districts – each with their property market. Although house price growth is high in Aylesbury, it could be even more active in your particular area of the town. Before you reach any conclusions regarding the potential sale price your home can achieve, it’s a good idea to research recently sold house prices on your street. Areas such as Queen’s Park and Bedgrove have been experiencing rates of property value growth well over the regional average – so don’t sell yourself short on the open market.

Among the many issues with the potential to increase house prices in your area of Aylesbury is the proximity of schools with consistently good OFSTED reports. If you use this particular issue in your marketing strategy, you might be able to secure a premium from buyers with children. There is also a chance that some buyers will be prepared to pay a premium for the privilege of living in a low-crime-rate area. It is possible that issues specific to Aylesbury will positively influence house prices in the future. Among these problems is the ongoing regeneration of Aylesbury town centre.

Sights and attractions in Aylesbury

Aylesbury is a beautiful city frozen in time. The rich culture and history of Aylesbury make it a very popular destination for tourists. Only walking around the city centre will give you the opportunity to admire the architecture and history of the area. Make sure you stroll past the Victorian Gothic clock tower on your travels and take a close look at the statues and sculptures in the area – which include beautiful tributes to Benjamin Disraeli and John Hampden. More history and fantastic architecture await you at the County Hall in Aylesbury, which is where you will find the Assize courtroom and the County Council Chamber. These are the locations of very public trials and hangings – many of which occurred on the same day in front of the watching public. Head to the Church Street area of town, which is where you will find some beautiful buildings from the 15th and 17th centuries you’ll see the city’s old grammar school and the County Museum.

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