How Home Staging Can Help You to Sell Your Property

Using Home Staging Can Help to Sell Your Home in a Difficult Housing Market

Try home staging to sell your home in a challenging market. An excellent resource for tips on home staging is Channel 4 TV personality Phil Spencer. We have taken the headings from this article and added our comments, so if you wonder how I sell my house in a competitive market, read on and learn how home staging can get you that sale.

Before Staging Your Home, Consider Target Market and Timing

There’s no point in home staging for selling if you don’t know your target market or who your viewings are. Consider your target market. Who will buy your house? Retired Couple, family with children? Try and consider the type of purchaser and stage your home according to your viewings.

Declutter and De-Personalise

Declutter, get rid of all the old rubbish and stuff that takes up space unnecessarily. For example, that treasured nest of tables or four boxes of old magazines might take up too much room!

Freshen Up Your House

Learn how to present your home. For example, decorating with a clean coat of neutral paint does wonders for a property sale and helps neutralise smells too!

Clean & Tidy Up

Get everything spick and span and smelling great; bleach the loos, get rid of those dirty net curtains, and let in the light!

Instructing an Estate Agent & Solicitor

Usually, it’s good to get a couple of estate agents around, but if you are reading this, you will probably have exhausted the estate agent route and need a quick sale. But it would be best if you were careful of the estate agents tricks of the trade.

Costs Associated with Selling a House

Phil recommends selling your home sole-agency and not multi-agency, negotiate a reasonable rate for selling your property, check with your solicitor all prospective selling costs and don’t forget to consider any mortgage redemption fees.

Valuation & House Selling Prices

Property valuing is not always accessible, but the easiest way is to check what other houses are selling in a locality similar to yours. Alternatively, consult an RICS Surveyor if you are unsure or want to check on any advice you have had as to the value of your home.

Getting the Word Out / How to Sell Your House Quickly by Promoting Your Property

A For Sale Board is essential to promote your house sale and let all your friends and neighbours know, and then if you are struggling to sell, consider other selling options similar to the services offered by quick sale firms in a position to complete a sale within weeks.

Preparing for Viewings

Get ready for viewings, tidy everything away, leave a parking space free for your viewers, open a window or two, air the property, and switch on the central heating. Open the curtains/blinds fully. Avoid any cooking before your viewing (particularly curries!)

Showing a Property / Viewings

Your selling agent may well do the viewings for you, but if not, then don’t overload your house viewers with too much information. Under no circumstances point any faults or issues, keep it business-like and give them time to view.

Choosing the Best Buyer

Does the highest price equal the best deal? No, not always. You need to know about the buyer’s circumstances. Are they cash buyers in a chain, need a mortgage, first-time buyers? All these issues need to be discussed and considered. You may have exhausted all options with an Estate Agent and considered selling to a cash buyer but do your homework!

Accepting Offers for Your Property

Usually, your agent will help you choose which offer to accept as they are obliged to do.

Holding the Deal Together

Use your solicitor and estate agent to help keep the sale from falling through. It would be best if you were kept very much in the loop to avoid any last-minute problems.

The tips above are from and Phil Spencer, co-presenter of Channel 4’s program Location, Location, Location and Relocation. Protection Status