Home Improvements Can Make it Easier to Sell Your Home

Consider home improvements to get the most out of selling your home.

Making some simple home improvements can help to sell a property. Now that 2017 is indeed underway, many of you might be having that out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new feeling that comes with new beginnings, even extending to your house, making you tempted to start looking for that home you’ve always dreamed of. A survey conducted by leading flooring retailer Carpetright revealed that 10.6% of people plan on buying a new home in 2017, with 4% of these purchases being the first home. Currently, only 3.9% of people in the UK have achieved their dream home, leaving many potential buyers to purchase your property and accomplish their vision.

With the abundance of buyers looking to move on to greener pastures, this begs the inevitable question: just what could be done to get the most out of selling your current home? If you want to increase your home’s value before selling, it’s a good idea to consider some home staging; this may involve investing in some home improvements to help bump up your asking price and attract more potential buyers. These DIY tasks can range from applying a fresh coat of paint, laying a new carpet, wallpapering a room (remember to stick to neutral colours) or more significant renovations such as fitting a new kitchen or bathroom.

A survey by Carpetright found that 6.1% of people plan to complete a major home renovation this year. If you’re seeking to sell your home for a higher value in the future, this type of work can deliver a significant return on investment. Those that have the greatest return are: building a conservatory (108% ROI), redesigning the garden (88% ROI) and adding an extension (71% ROI) to the property.

If the addition of a conservatory seems a little out of reach, there are other alternatives to consider to add value. For example, laying down new carpets can bring you a 50% ROI, an excellent idea if your current one is damaged or dirty. Usually, a neutral colour is a good idea (just like wall paint) to give a blank canvas to a potential buyer. In addition, neutral colours help customers visualise their lives within the house you are selling, increasing the possibility of a sale.

Even the little projects that we do around the home can help to add value. When asked what their first DIY project of 2017 will be, 37.7% said painting walls, 15.5% said laying a new carpet, and 9.85% said wallpapering a room, suggesting that completing any of these home improvements will prove a hit with potential buyers of your home. Additional storage space is always a hit with possible buyers, while your furniture placement and use of lighting can help them see the potential within the room.

If you decide to undertake any of these home improvements, ensure you’re well prepared for the job! Otherwise, call the professionals for help (particularly since 100,000 people per year visit A&E due to DIY injuries). With 3.3 billion botched DIY jobs happening each year, make sure you don’t become part of the statistic.

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