Cost of Moving House Calculator

How Much Does it Costs to Move House?

There are plenty of online web resources which will help you to work out just how much it costs to move house. Try some of these listed below, the total cost may surprise you!

  1. The Nationwide Building Society’s ‘cost of moving home’ calculator will give you an indication of the costs of moving house, Cost of moving home calculator – Nationwide Building Society.
  2. Really Moving has a useful cost analysis which is free to use.
  3. The money advice service has a really useful section on costs of moving house.
  4. Good old channel four has a good set of resources on moving house costs
  5. This is money has a plenty to read on the costs of moving house.
  6. Daily Mail article on moving home costs.

As you can see above, the cost of moving house can be considerable, therefore proceed with caution and do your homework when weighing up the benefits of moving house! Protection Status