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The Buy My House Process, Explained and Explored

Who will buy my house at the highest price and in the fastest time-scale? This is what sellers REALLY need to know. Many homebuyers are advertising all the time to buy your home, but which ones are real, reliable and trustworthy?

If you are buying a house and need to sell yours fast at the best possible price, then contact us today for a free online quotation. Many of our competitors may only offer to buy your house at 70% of your property value. Our house buying process is completely transparent and you can get much more than that with our help!

Buy My House Fast Companies in the news

“Buy my house” firms (also known as house buyers or property buying firms) have been in the press in the past for allegedly offering customers a poor deal. Many offer clients as little as 65% and 70% of market value. Many buyers are accepting these low offers and selling for much less. Before negotiating with property buyers  find out How much is my house worth? To do this work out your home’s value with reference to other similar houses for sale to yours, and what’s sold historically.

Many Flying Homes customers have received in excess of 94% of the full sale price. It doesn’t matter the location or condition, we buy any house, anywhere.

Investor House Buyers

Flying Homes has access to many national homebuyers – investors who buy property nearer to the full market value. Check out properties that these property buyers have bought and you will see the percentage paid can be in excess of 94% of the sale value. Compare this to other house buying companies or property buyers who only offer 65-70%!

Buy My House Quickly or Buy My Property For Cash

Buying or selling a property today can be a complicated process but Flying Homes tries to simplify this by only dealing with reputable property buyers and serious property investors looking to buy your property for cash. These buyers are financially qualified by our partner companies. Our house sellers are motivated to sell and many want us to ‘buy my house now’ or ‘buy my house fast’. Invariably we can get them more money by involving our property buyers and investors. Many of these investors are experienced and buy houses every day, or buy on behalf of a property buying organisation. Indeed many of them visit the property investor show, usually in October every year in London.

The main thing to remember is to be realistic on pricing. Many of our national home buyers don’t need to rely on mortgage finance. So if you are wondering if you can get a cash house buyer, then it really is possible – particularly if it’s in good condition and priced to sell. It really doesn’t matter where you are in the UK, we can help, so get an online quote from Flying Homes today and find out more!

The Scams

Buy my home scam
Buy my home scam, last minute price drop – AVOID

Many buy my house for cash scams involve dropping the house sale price agreed at the last minute, often the day the sale of a property is to be completed. This is definitely frowned upon and whilst not illegal, is unscrupulous and considered bad practice. Another trick is for companies that promise “we buy houses” to enlist the help of a RICS valuer to shore up their valuation figure.

Whilst a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuation is definitely desirable to have on a property, it doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed to be in the best interests of the house seller, as generally ‘who pays the piper’ must be taken into consideration. Only a independent valuation instructed and paid for by the customer is likely to be most representative as to the value of a property.

An imaginary example of how a quick house buyer could manipulate a RICS surveyor’s report to their advantage is below:-

House Buyer agrees price for a property at say £75,000, however using information from sold house prices and other price comparison methods, (such as looking on Rightmove for similarly priced properties), the property on the open market is generally considered to be worth £100,000.

The House Buyer then gets a letter of instruction addressed from the homeowner to the RICS surveyor together with a cheque for the cost of the survey and sends to the surveyor who carries out the survey. Simple, right? It appears from a compliance view that the homeowner has gone out and instructed a surveyor himself.

The valuation should come back at circa £100,000. BUT the surveyor finds out about the sale agreed at £75,000 from the customer or from the House Buyer, and the surveyor values it at only £75,000.

Why doesn’t the surveyor value it at more, I hear you ask? Because no surveyor worth his salt will value a property more than it is being sold for.

Any company using this type of sales tactic should be avoided at all costs. Flying Homes deals with many property buyers who buy houses quickly for cash, but the best method of working out how much your property is worth is to check sales of similar properties historically and what’s on offer currently for similar properties for sale.

Buy My House Reviews

Good “buy my house reviews” are understandably thin on the ground as most fly-by-night companies or individual house or property buyers probably don’t take the time to seek out customer reviews of their services; probably because the know anyway that they’ve not done their client a great service. This is especially the case if they have only paid 65 to 70% of market value!

An easier way to weed out the companies to avoid is to Google it, and read as much as you can. If a company is receiving many complaints, even if they are not upheld, then generally that tells you something! Some housebuyer companies have has lots of complaints registered at trading standards, mainly for last minute price dropping (gazundering, mentioned above).

Check out Flying Homes ‘buy my house reviews’. For more information fill in the form above; if you are wondering ‘who will buy my house’, make the right move and call us free on 0800 68 99 420.