4 of the Best Ways to Sell a House in the UK

The best ways to sell a house in the UK are usually via a traditional estate agent, privately yourself, through online estate agents (cheaper) and of course, selling fast for cash to a property buyer.

Selling a property in the UK can be complicated and further complicated if buying another simultaneously.

The different ways to sell a house

We look at the various methods below:

1. Selling property via an Estate Agent

The traditional process of selling your home in the UK involves appointing an estate agent on the high street. However, with the growth of the major property portals such as Rightmove & Zoopla, purchasers look online to source a home to buy. Therefore it’s no longer necessary to pay an expensive high street agent. Instead, cheaper online-only agents are available, allowing people to sell their homes without the expense of hiring an agent.

2. Selling your home yourself

Selling a home yourself is a gamble but could be an excellent way to sell. However, going it alone then the process requires knowledge of how the housing market works, knowledge of the local market, negotiating skills, a network of contacts and lots of time. If you possess these attributes, then take this course of action and go it alone; this is usually the best way to sell a house yourself – otherwise, you run the risk of achieving a disappointing sale price.

3. Selling using online estate agents

How to sell your house via an online agent. If you want the expertise of a property professional without the fuss, there are online estate agents that manage the sale of a home remotely. While these services lack the personal touch, they help get the word out about your house to a large target audience quickly. If you decide to take the estate agent route, you should research the track record and suitability of the agents considered, and you will also have to decide whether to stick with a single agent or use several. Check online, google ‘how to sell your house – online estate agents, and you’ll get plenty of results.

4. Sell your house fast via a quick sale firm

It is also possible to bypass the UK property market altogether by selling your home to a property buyer –  house buying specialists. You will get an offer based on current market conditions, and you can leave the sale of your home in the hands of others. This way of home selling cuts out the need for marketing, advertising, property viewings and price negotiations so that you can save both time and money. Then there is also the opportunity value of purchasing another home with the certainty of a guaranteed sale in the bag enabling you to compete with other cash buyers when bidding on another property. Selling to a cash buyer is the fastest way to sell a house.

4 ways to sell a house - Infographic

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