When is the Best Time to Sell a House? – Seasonal Tips

When is the best time to sell your house in the UK, Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn?

The best time to sell your house in the UK is usually Spring or Autumn. However, it’s a little-known fact among homeowners that the sale of a house requires slightly different approaches depending on the time of year. Home sellers who tailor their sales, giving it a seasonal approach, will have a far greater chance of achieving their target sale price. Estate agents usually have extensive knowledge in customising a marketing campaign according to the time of year, but having some insight on the subject yourself could help you secure a speedy sale at the highest possible price.

Selling a House in the Spring

Spring daisy flowers

The Spring is a time of new beginnings and optimism. So what is the best month to sell your house in Spring? It has to be March, only because leave it any longer, and you’re constrained by the fast-approaching Summer month of June and the start of the holiday season. All that lies ahead of June is the relaxing and hopefully warm days of summer, so give your home the time to sell and start the marketing process in March.

In Spring, you should be able to get your garden blooming, and the spring weather will allow you to get the exterior of your property into fantastic shape. While there will probably be more properties for sale in your area at this time of year, you could be able to use an increase in the number of house hunters to your advantage. Buyers will probably want to get moved into their new home by the summer, so ‘staging’ your home to sell in Spring in the right way should pay dividends.

Selling a House in the Summer

Summer Park

Most experts and estate agents agree that property sale during the summer months is not the best time to sell your house. When the kids are off school, and the sun is shining, buying a home is not always a priority. Many potential buyers will be enjoying a well-earned break, and they will not want to waste the hottest time of the year visiting houses for sale.

However, to move your property forward and get a sale, waiting until autumn may not be an option. If you don’t have any choice, you can improve your chances of securing a quick deal in the summer months by taking a few simple steps. Paying close attention to your gardens, concentrating on ‘kerb appeal and making the best use possible of the summer sunlight could make your property an attractive summer purchase.

Selling a House in the Autumn

Route through orange and golden trees in the New Forest

Like Spring, Autumn is the best time to sell a house. Property specialists widely accept that early autumn represents one of the best times of year to sell your home. The summer holidays are over, kids are back at school, and the best of the weather has passed. With Christmas still some distance away, this time of year sees demand for properties rise sharply in the UK.

However, with winter only a matter of weeks away, you should attend to any exterior home improvements without delay. Check for any defects on your roof, and clean your gutters of leaves at least once a week. The colours of autumn also present a fantastic opportunity to take some stunning photographs, so make the most of the opportunity by investing in a quality camera or hiring a professional photographer for the job. In most cases, an experienced estate agent will take charge of this process.

Selling a House in the Winter

winter night landscape with sunset in forest

Selling houses at the height of winter is not the best time to sell a house. Many property buyers will want to snuggle up in their homes, which could persuade many to put off their home-buying decisions until the Spring. If you have no other alternative, always try to wait until after New Year before marketing your house.

However, with New Year’s resolutions and optimism for the future, January and February bring new hope for homeowners. The dark days and miserable British weather often persuade buyers to begin their property search early – a way of adding a little excitement to what is notoriously a dull and uninspiring time of year. And you can use that situation to your advantage.

If it’s snowing, don’t miss the opportunity to take some ‘winter wonderland’ shots of your property. However, the real opportunity comes with creating a cosy and hospitable refuge from the cold outside. If you have a natural or gas fire, make sure the flames are burning brightly during viewings. Add warm colours to your home by carefully placing soft furnishings and wall hangings, and stick to dark and comforting colours such as reds and browns.

When is the best time to sell? Selling a home requires knowledge of the local market, negotiation experience, and the know-how that only an estate agent or professional property specialist can bring. With a carefully staged home and expert guidance at your disposal, you should be able to achieve a high sale price at any time of the year – be aware of seasonal variation locally, as it may not follow the generic pattern!

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