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The top 10 best family friendly places to live in the UK

family friendly places to live

The UK’s Best Family-Friendly Places To Live

Choose a family-friendly place to live for better quality of life for you and your children. However, finding a home that suits the needs of an entire family can be tricky. There are so many requirements and preferences to take account of, which is a situation that can very quickly lead to spiralling costs and decisions made in haste. If you have a young family, you might be keen to locate within the catchment area of a top school, for instance. Local amenities, crime levels and employment opportunities may also play a role in your decision.

According to uSwitch’s Better Family Life Index, parts of the UK are particularly conducive to raising a family. Based on data such as GCSE pass rates, household income, time spent with family, weather, air quality and average hours spent sleeping, these locations should be on your house buying radar.

The top three family-friendly places in the UK to raise a family

1. Hertfordshire

Top of the uSwitch index was Hertfordshire. This region boasts a significantly higher-than-average household income, as well as the country’s third highest employment rate. The average salary in the area is more than £33,000, and more than 80 percent of working-age people have a job.

2. Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire was second in the 2016 index, thanks to an employment rate of 80 percent and an average income of more than £32,000. Among the most desirable areas in the county include Great Shelford, Cambridge, Trumpington and Newnham.

3. Central Bedfordshire

If you want for an area that offers excellent employment prospects for your children, Central Bedfordshire could be a great choice. Just four percent of young children live in jobless homes, and the region also reported small numbers of young people without a job or in some form of training.

The remaining UK locations in the top 10 of uSwitch’s index are:

4. Warrington

5. York

6. Tyneside

7. North Norfolk

8. Northumberland

9. West Cumbria

10. Calderdale and Kirklees

Good news for people living in the East of England

People in the eastern counties of England spent the most time with their family — an average of nearly five hours a day. Norfolk, Suffolk, East Yorkshire, Tyneside and Northumberland all scored highly in this area. One of the reasons for this was the fact that local people received an average of two days more holiday than the national average. Perhaps this was also the reason why people in this part of the country enjoy an average of seven hours sleep every night, which is 12 minutes more than the rest of the UK enjoys.

What is most important to people?

This uSwitch study demonstrated just how worried parents are about the pressurised, hectic nature of everyday life. Nearly half the parents who took part in the research revealed they would move to a more family-friendly location improve their quality of life, while an astonishing 43 percent expressed concern that they weren’t giving their children the best possible start in life. When asked what would improve their quality of life, 57 percent said a higher disposable income and 53 percent said lower bills. Also high up on the list of parents’ priorities was good weather — Cambridge came out top in that respect.

Is there anywhere to avoid?

Unfortunately, this research uncovered some of the less desirable locations for raising a family. North and East Ayrshire came bottom in the index; a result of poor academic achievement, high crime levels, limited family time and some of the lowest wages levels in the UK. The uSwitch study revealed that Leicester was the worst place in England to raise children. This area of the East Midlands was found to offer fewer primary school places, poorer GCSE results and the fourth worst employment rate in the entire UK. Other areas to perform badly in the study were Glasgow, the Isle of Wight, Nottingham, Kingston Upon Hull and North Lanarkshire.

This report reveals that the quality of life you can offer your children in the UK very much depends on where you live. Government action is needed on financial education, childcare arrangements, housing stocks (both private and social) and parental stress to reduce the disparity between the best and worst areas in Britain. Until then, you might have to up sticks and move to a more family-friendly place to give your children the life you want for them.

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