12 positive factors for adding value to your home

Check our 12 positive tips on how to add value to your home!

Then, we list the 12 best ways to add value to your home.

1. Location location location! Yes, it is integral to property prices and value!

Apartment with a fantastic view

Some homes will always struggle to achieve the top end of market property prices – regardless of where they might be. For example, if your home is not at risk of flooding, is in a highly desirable area and enjoys stunning views of the countryside or the ocean, it is likely to attract a premium. However, if your home is in a crime-ridden estate with an unfavourable reputation or is on the main flight path into Heathrow Airport, even significant home improvements and all the latest amenities will only have a limited effect on its final selling price. In the world of real estate, location means everything, adding more value to a house than anything else.

2. Kerb appeal can add extra value to your home

Great kerb appeal - Rotorua museum an iconic building in Government garden of Rotorua, New Zealand.

The term ‘kerb appeal is a buzzword amongst estate agents, and it refers to the first impression buyers receive when arriving at your home. If the fascias, windows, doors and gardens are in a good state of repair and attractively finished, potential customers are going to be in a positive frame of mind as they step over the threshold of your home. This positivity and connection between buyers and your home ‘kerb appeal’ can translate into higher house values.

3. The value of a property is affected by size and shape

British Tudor Home

Generally speaking, home buyers like traditional property layouts and as much space as possible. Thus, homes built on large, rectangular plots with plenty of room in the gardens will often attract a premium. Conversely, oddly-shaped, triangular dwellings at the end of terraces or those close to main roads will often be looked upon far less favourably by home-buyers.

4. More bedrooms or a room extension usually means higher home values

Home extension interior with beautiful warm wood floors

Three and four-bedroom homes are always in relatively high demand, as they appeal to average-sized families of between four and five people. Having a bedroom for every youngster in a family is often a priority for families upsizing from smaller homes and flats, and that alone can result in higher property valuations. If you can’t make an extra bedroom, consider extending a room and adding value to your home.

5. An impressive kitchen can mean a higher house valuation

Kitchen in New Luxury Home with Open Floorplan

A lovely new modern kitchen adds value to homes. The kitchen is usually the heart of a family home; it is where people come together to share food, socialise and talk through the day’s events. Homes with spacious, well-designed and modern kitchens will usually have a competitive edge over other homes for sale in the area with less appealing kitchens.

6. Storage space is a significant plus point for buyers

Walk in closet with organised clothing

It is surprising just how many personal possessions a family can amass throughout day-to-day life. Families with teenagers and those who like to work from home will need a decent amount of storage space, and homes with lofts, under-stair storage cupboards and walk-in closets will sell relatively quickly. The high demand for these homes will inevitably push house prices upwards.

7. Off-road parking usually means higher property values

Typical 1930s white semi detatched house with large driveway

Vehicle crime can happen in any area, but it is often the more affluent areas targeted by career criminals. The added security of off-road parking, a garage or a private driveway can leave a car less susceptible to crime and high insurance premiums. Any properties with these facilities will have a distinct competitive edge over similar homes on the market with no private parking and can be surprisingly cheap to install.

8. Installing modern amenities are a great way to add value to your home

Polished wooden floor

Buyers have to find more extensive deposits than ever before to buy the home of their dreams, which can leave money for home improvements scarce. However, a home fully equipped with modern amenities, electrical wiring and tasteful fixtures will likely attract a higher final sale price than one that needs work. A new kitchen and bathrooms are necessary renovations that add value to your home. Your home tastefully decorated with high-quality floor coverings and modernised utilities may be able to command a premium from cash-strapped, first-time buyers.

9. Energy-efficient homes often mean higher house prices

Energy efficient bulb

The spiralling costs of energy in the UK are stretching household budgets to breaking point. If your home can cut average fuel bills for potential buyers, it will be trendy adding value to your home, and you could use that increased demand for hiking up its final sale price. Energy efficiency is not just a buzz phrase; it’s a necessity.

10. Families love homes within the catchment area of excellent schools

first day at school. mother leads little child school girl in first grade

State-operated schools in the UK usually give priority to those children who live in the catchment area. Good schools that receive favourable OFSTED reports and rank highly in performance league tables will make the surrounding areas highly attractive to buyers, with children having a knock-on effect and inevitably translating into higher average house prices.

11. Low crime rates

UK crime map

Low crime rates make neighbourhoods more attractive to home buyers, equating to higher house values’. No one wants to live under the shadow of street crime, anti-social behaviour and graffiti. Areas that rank well regarding published crime statistics, those that have low crime rates and those that operate efficient neighbourhood watch schemes will be highly desirable to people making the most significant investment of their life. If your home is in such an area, you may be able to sell your home at a premium. The correlation is simple, places with a low crime rate add value to your home and are more desirable, attracting higher prices.

12. Nearby recreational facilities can lead to more profitable house sales

Stratford international train and tube station with commuters, London

Properties that are within walking distance of retail developments, leisure facilities and recreational areas will have a competitive edge in the marketplace over similar properties that aren’t. If your home is near a park, leisure centre or a significant retail area, you may be able to exploit heightened demand to attract a higher sale price.

How to add value to your home on a budget

Many of us are on a strict budget when it comes to adding value to our homes. Three quick and easy tips which don’t cost a lot of money is to:

1. Do essential minor repairs, fix that leaky tap, replace old or discoloured grouting in the bathrooms, fix that wonky fence!
2. Clear the garden of loose branches, cut the grass, tidy up those borders and pull out those pesky weeds.
3. Finally, declutter, take a trip to the tip, send unwanted items to charity or raise cash at the car boot.

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