12 Tips to Increase Home Values/ Sell Faster

How to Make Your Home More Valuable/ Sell Faster – 12 Tips!

Check our 12 great tips to improve your home’s value/ make it sell faster! Most of these handy tips are very cost effective and could make the difference of selling in just a few weeks or having to wait much longer. Many of these tips are simply part of any necessary preparations for selling your home. By following our checklist, not only will you be prepared – but you could sell faster too!

Infographic - how to make your home more valuable - sell faster

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12 top tips for improving your home/ preparing it to sell quicker!

  • Paint your home with neutral colours, choose pastel and use lots of white paint, creating a blank canvas for buyers.
  • Clean or paint the front door for a good first impression, add some colourful plants if possible for that great first impression.
  • Do minor repairs, fill in any holes in walls/ broken plaster, You can do this with a small squeezable tube of filler from any DIY store.
  • Clean throughout leaving it fresh and bright. If you’ve got pets, then remove pet odours with a diffuser.
  • Improve kerb appeal and tidy the garden, remove leaves and noticeable weeds.
  • Add serious value by upgrading the kitchen/ bathroom, or just repainting cupboards, etc
  • Quick win – add some mirrors to improve a sense of space, also brightens up rooms.
  • Turn on the heating or light the fire if it’s cold, everyone likes a warm, inviting house!
  • Add some fresh fruit in a bowl in the kitchen, put a couple of bunches of flowers in the master bedroom & living room.
  • De-clutter, but don’t depersonalise, just focus on improving space and tidiness.
  • You may get an offer quickly, so get all your paperwork in place to enable you to move fast.
  • Choose a good Solicitor now, don’t delay as a simple task such as requesting mortgage deeds could save weeks.

Top tip: If you have a high-value property or only live in an expensive area, such as London, then carrying out all the tasks on the checklist makes financial sense!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 12 top tips for improving your home and hopefully selling it quicker by getting everything in order. If you need to sell your house fast then contact us, we’ll buy your home ‘as is’ i.e.; without you having to do most of the above!