Rightmove Search Tools

rightmove search tools

Rightmove Search Tools explained. Rightmove has many tools to enhance your property search experience. With over a million properties listed for sale or rent in the UK, most estate agents and property professionals use Rightmove. For users looking to buy a house to find houses for sale. Rightmove Search lists properties for sale or rents more

Top 10 features that sell your home fast for more cash

National homebuyers service

Good strong broadband connection, double glazing and central heating are ‘must haves’ for modern-day homebuyers, putting practicality above aesthetics. Reliable broadband, central heating and double glazing are key priorities, but energy-efficiency matters as well, for today’s discerning homebuyers! 10 top features Central heating Double glazing The garden Home security Off-road parking The bathroom Local amenities more

Everything You Need to Know About Property Part Exchange Schemes

Property part exchange schemes

If you need to sell a house fast, there are several options available to you. You can drastically reduce your initial asking price; you can also turn to a company such as Sell Property Fast Cash. But an increasingly popular method is to take advantage of a builder’s part exchange scheme. What is part exchange? more