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Frequently asked questions and answers..

  • How much will I get as a percentage of my home's value for selling fast?
     Cash property buyers

    What percentage of the market value will I get if I sell my house quickly to a cash property buyer?

    If you sell to other cash property buyers or us, then you can expect to get anything from 75% to 95% of the market value. There is no simple calculation, or one size fits all approach. Each property buying company is different. However, the longer you wait to sell, then depending on your circumstances, the more it’s going to cost you to wait.

    Selling your home for its current market value is always possible based on your selling timescale. A property is worth more if you have a longer time to sell it, refer to the table below as a guide.

    Selling timescale Percentage of market value Type of buyer Guaranteed sale
    Seven days 75% to 80% Property Buyer Yes
    six to eight weeks 80 to 85% Property Buyer Yes
    Eight weeks 75% to 85% Auction No
    Thirteen weeks to six months 80% to 95% Estate Agent No

    How much can we pay for your home?

    How much can we pay for your home? It depends on a variety of factors including location, condition, type of property, demand and so on. Complete a few details on our quote form, and then we will assess your property and make you an offer.

    How fast can I sell my home using your service?

    We buy houses directly from their owners cutting out any involvement from solicitors, property chains and the market in general. There is a chance we can conclude the purchase of your home within seven days. However, the typical timeframe involved in the purchase of residential property by other house buying companies or us is several weeks.

    We aim to make a formal offer for your home within 24 hours of valuing it. Of course, no two house purchases are the same. Therefore this timescale can vary. In the vast majority of cases, however, you should expect to receive the proceeds of your house sale no later than 28 days from our initial offer. Also, the speed of offer you receive will depend on the details of your home and your current situation.

    Selling your home in days, rather than weeks, might be necessary if your mortgage provider is threatening repossession. This shortened timescale may also be advantageous if the house of your dreams is available for a limited time.

  • Do you buy houses in any location or condition?


    Do you buy homes fast in any location and any condition?

    We are national property buyers, we buy homes all over the UK, in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We have experienced, expert valuers based in all UK locations. If you are happy with our valuation, we can process your house sale from start to finish. If you need to sell your home fast in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland or Wales, we are here to help.

    As with most quick UK house buying companies, We currently don’t buy property outside the United Kingdom.

    We will buy any house and in any condition. We buy run down houses, ugly houses and houses that have been struggling to find a cash buyer only, for some time. It is worth noting, however, that the condition of a property will directly affect its market value.

    Whether you own a run-down bungalow, a decrepit semi or a dated apartment, we’ll professionally assess your home and provide you with a fair offer based on its current market value. From Land’s End to John O’Groats, we buy any house in absolutely any condition.

  • Are there fees or costs to pay, or any long contracts?


    What fees or costs are involved in the quick sale of my house, are there any ‘tie in’s’ to stop me selling elsewhere?

    There are no costs or upfront fees involved in the sale of a home with Flying Homes. We make our money from buying your home at less than it’s full value and reselling it to another quick property buyer or on the open market at a higher price. If you sell your house fast to Flying Homes, then we’ll account for all conveyancing and legal costs, even if you need to sell quickly to stop your home from being repossessed, etc. There are no long contracts; some companies that buy houses quickly operate using option agreements, but we don’t work this way if you sell your property to us.

    Do other house buying companies charge upfront fees which I’ll lose if I don’t proceed with a sale?

    Yes, some home buyers will charge you a valuation fee at the very start of the process, often with the promise that it’s refundable or knocked off the price they offer you. However, other, less reputable firms will renege on this promise so get everything in writing if you agree on a quick sale.

  • What's your process if I decide to sell my home fast to you?


    What’s the process for selling my house fast with you?

    Our quick buying process ensures that you don’t have to do any of the hard work that is usually involved in the sale of a home.

    The process involves four simple stages:

    We gather as much data on the property as possible.

    We start the data gathering process by talking at length to the homeowner. We ask questions about the local area, its amenities and other issues such as transport links. We then take the time to discuss the house in detail with the owner. We like to know about special features that might add value, as well as a brief history of the property.

    We will then research the local market, which might include liaising with local estate agents and researching recent house sales using The Land Registry web portal. We collate and assess all of this information using our extensive experience in the property market, as well as sophisticated valuation software.

    We provide an accurate valuation

    We will give you an accurate appraisal report, which will include pertinent details about your property. At this point, we will make a fair offer that reflects the condition of your home and the state of the local market. In most cases, this offer will arrive within seven days of your initial contact. You have up to 30 days to accept the offer. You are under no commitment to take it.


    Once you have formally accepted our offer, we will conduct various checks and surveys to ensure the information you have provided is accurate. We never rush homeowners into making a final decision, as we encourage all owners to obtain several quotes before deciding on a quick house buying company. However, we will beat any offer provided by a  UK house buying service.

    If I choose to sell my home to a fast property buyer like you can I change my mind later on?

    Selling your home fast is, by its very nature, a rushed process. We understand that decisions can sometimes be made in haste when there are extreme circumstances involved. The initial offer we make is on a no-obligation basis, so you don’t need to worry if your initial “yes” later turns into a “maybe”.

    If you’re unsure about proceeding, we’ll be here to answer your questions honestly. While we always want to understand the concerns of homeowners, we will never pressure you into doing something you’re not entirely comfortable.

    If I sell and need to change the moving out date, can I do this?

    We offer complete flexibility when it comes to the timeframe for your house sale. We will adjust the process to suit your personal circumstances. We understand that things might change, so we are committed to being flexible about the completion date.

    At Flying Homes, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best customer service on the market. If your circumstances change during the house sale process, we encourage you to contact us to discuss alternative arrangements. We only want to buy homes from owners when the arrangement suits both parties.

    The legal stuff

    Concentrate on planning your next move, as we take care of all the legal stuff that is part and parcel of selling a house fast in the UK. We will instruct solicitors and manage the process from start to finish. And you won’t need to pay a single penny upfront.

  • Where can I see Flying Homes testimonials and reviews and also for other property buyers?


    Where can I see genuine reviews for Flying Homes and other companies that buy houses quickly?

    Our customer reviews are on our web site. We also have reviews on Trustpilot, Reviews.co.uk, Facebook and our Google business account. The easiest way to find quick house sale reviews for other home buying companies is to perform a quick Internet search. You’ll find sites such as Trust Pilot and Reviews.co.uk; these are good places to start. They allow customers to rate their experience and level of satisfaction. ‘Money Saving Expert’ has a lot of information which you can read too.

  • What scams or pitfalls are there to consider when selling to a property buyer?


    Are there any quick house sale scams or pitfalls I need to be aware?

    We are proud of our honest and fair approach when buying homes from their owners. However, some of our competitors do not share the same ethos. There are several quick sale scams to be aware of before you enter into the process of selling your home.

    1. Inflated initial valuations from cash house buyers

    Rogue companies may value your home at an unrealistic price simply to persuade owners to choose them over the competition. Once the proprietor has signed on the dotted line — which often involves a hefty valuation fee — the value is changed at the last minute in some instances. An inflated estimate will also give the home buying company some room for negotiating a discount.

    2. Last-minute offer reductions

    There have also been several cases of quick house sale companies reducing their offer just before completion. These disreputable firms do this in the hope that the owner will accept the reduced offer, given that the process is so close to its conclusion.

    Where can I read common problems or complaints about house buying companies?

    Performing a quick Internet search for complaints about specific house buying companies should give you a very quick indication of whether or not the business is reputable.

    Ask questions in property forums, chatrooms and discussion boards. People who have used companies and have received a less than satisfactory service will usually be more than willing to discuss the issues.

    There were many house buying companies investigated in the past for improper conduct. Among the problems considered include the last-minute reduction of property valuations, over-valuing homes to secure a sale and undervaluing homes to exaggerate the fairness of offers made.

    Reputable house buying companies with a proven track record of excellent customer service don’t work this way. Avoid the ones that do!

    Duped by a quick house sale firm? Contact Trading Standards, The Property Ombudsmen or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for advice.

  • How else can I get a quick sale of my home without selling for less to a property buyer?


    What are different ways to sell my house fast?

    There are several ways to sell your home quicker than would normally be the case. Most homeowners in the UK still turn to a traditional estate agent — with the local knowledge and a track record of selling similar homes. Unfortunately, even the very best agents can’t speed up what is a long and tedious process. There are internet estate agents that can make the process a little faster, but perhaps not soon enough. There is, of course, the option of going it alone, and putting your house up for sale yourself.

    The average time it takes to sell a home on the open market is three months — and that’s without delays caused by legal issues and problems further up the property chain. If you need certainty — maybe because of an impending repossession or a requirement to relocate for a new job — this delay may be unacceptable. But there is a faster alternative.

    Flying Homes can, in the right circumstances, buy a house in less than a fortnight. We can buy your home, at a pre-agreed price, directly from you. Don’t worry about property chains, upfront fees or legal issues. We take care of everything — leaving you to plan for your future.

  • How can I be sure that a cash home buyer purchasing my house is trustworthy and reputable?


    How do I know if I’m negotiating with a reputable and trustworthy property buying company?

    Some house buying companies register with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and this organisation regulates them. It’s wise to check that a company is genuine, You’ll find Flying Homes listed at Companies House. Some house buying firms join ‘The Property Ombudsmen’ too and are bound by their rules. Telephoning a business is an easy way of checking; you should be able to speak to a real person about the sale of your home. Finally, performing some online research into the house buying service should give you an idea of the reputation a company enjoys.


    Are you an honest and reliable cash home buyer?

    A quick search on the Internet will tell you that we are a reputable company with years of reliable service in the UK real estate market. We are determined to offer the best possible price for each home we value. However, if you receive a higher valuation from another reliable house buying service in the UK, we promise to beat it!

    We’re aware that some of our competitors don’t operate with the same principles of fairness transparency and honesty. Throughout our transparent house buying process, we’ll treat you honestly on honesty, integrity and full transparency.

  • What problems do customers face who sell to property buying companies?


    Can you buy houses quickly, whatever the circumstances?

    Homeowners use quick house sale companies such as Flying Homes for a broad range of reasons. Here are a few of the most common:


    Getting a new job, retiring or starting a new relationship can sometimes involve relocating to a different part of the UK at short notice. We can buy your house quickly, so you can concentrate on making last-minute arrangements for your future.

    Possible repossession

    As well as being highly stressful, repossession adversely affects a person’s credit rating. Individuals threatened with repossession and who have no method of paying their arrears use property buying companies to free up the cash they need in a hurry.

    Liquidating assets

    Whether you’re a property investor who just a homeowner in need of some quick cash, we can help you to liquidate your assets for your next venture.

    Inherited property

    Inheriting a property is not always a straightforward affair. You may have inherited tenants too, or the upkeep of the house might be something you’re keen to avoid. You can sell the property without the fuss by turning to a quick house sale company like Flying Homes.

    Divorce and separation

    Divorce and separation usually involve the division of assets, which is something that can be time-sensitive in many break-ups. Selling a home can be hard and is one of the most stressful events in life which is why people turn to quick house buying companies for help.

    Extensive repairs are required

    Often, homeowners who don’t have the time or money to carry out essential repairs on their property face an impossible situation. However, by selling the property quickly in its current condition, an owner can avoid that expense and receive a fair market price in the process.

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10 Facts About UK Divorce:

  1. Couples now are less likely to get divorced
  2. Divorce numbers are declining
  3. Most likely to divorce? Late 20’s women
  4. Divorcing couples are getting older
  5. Divorced couples less likely to remarry
  6. Less divorce now due to adultery
  7. Men divorcing – on the increase
  8. The Seven-year itch is a fact
  9. Recent marriages – less likely to divorce
  10. Most marriages don’t end in divorce

Selling Property You’ve Inherited? 10 Top Facts to Consider

Property Tax Facts: Inheritance Tax is due if an estate is valued more than £325,000.

Inheritance Tax rates: The rate of Tax is 40% above the threshold figure. This rate can be reduced to 36% if 10% or more of it is left to a charity.

Who pays Inheritance? The ‘executor’ of the will or ‘administrator’ of the estate usually pays the Tax using available funds from the inherited estate.

A quick sale of the inherited property for most beneficiaries can often be a priority


Property Repossession – Facts & Advice Which May Help You

  • Facing repossession? If you are facing repossession, you must act quickly to avoid unnecessarily losing the equity in your home.
  • Your home under the hammer – If a bank or mortgage company repossesses your home they will very likely put it with a property auction company and sell it off to recoup the monies they are owed.
  • Your equity – If your home is sold at auction, chances are you will see less equity (if any) after the sale than if you sell the property yourself to a cash buyer.
  • You MUST at all times act fast to avoid losing money.

A New Beginning, a New Future – Relocation. Somewhere New!

If you are in the process of emigrating or just relocating, you probably will not have the time to go through a lengthy property sale. Finding a new home in your new location will be your highest priority, but you need to sell your current property to move


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