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Get a Free Instant Online Cash Offer From Flying Homes. We Are 'Cash House Buyers'. Sell Your Property Quickly AND Receive a Genuine Guaranteed Cash Offer in Only 24 Hours!

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    Sell House to The UK’s Top Property Buyer, No Fees or Price Drop

    Sell Your Home to Flying Homes! We’ll Give You a FREE Instant Online Cash Offer Now

    Need to sell house quickly or just generally sell a property for cash? Flying Homes can help. We are specialist property buyers with access to unlimited funds. We buy any house in days, no fees to pay and we won’t drop the price agreed at the last minute! Just complete our online quote form or call us FREE on 0800 68 99 420 for an instant cash price for your home.

    You could receive Up To 100% Market Value by using our service. In any event you’ll get probably much more from us than any other quick house sale firm can offer. As part of our house buying service we also match our registered property buyers with sellers who need a quick sale – thousands of home owners have sold their homes this way.

    Many of clients every year just like you contact us for advice. We can show you how to sell your house quickly for the best possible price. We have probably helped more clients than any other quick house sale company in the UK over the last 12 months alone. So trust your home with us. We have real fast cash buyers ready to complete a sale in a matter of weeks, not months!

    Try our online house valuation tool or Land Registry prices to work out a rough value for your property, and then call us to discuss what we can offer you.

  • How We Can Sell Your Home For The Best Price in The Shortest Time-Scale


    Best Price Paid, Sell Your House in a Matter of Days, Not Weeks!

    Unlike most other fast property buyers, Flying Homes have different ways of selling your property;

    Sell direct to us, Flying Homes, we are cash house buyers and can pay more than most property buyers.

    Or if you can wait a little longer, we can get you even more money by marketing your home to our property investors or via our online estate agents.

    Using these choices you could receive between 85% and 100% of the market value of your home. Most other quick sale companies will only pay you 60% to 70% of your home’s value.

    Meaning that you could receive up to £60,000 more* in hard cash for your home based on average proces of £200,000!

    Many of our customers have received around 94% of the sale value of their home (see our sold properties list for details of this). Compare this with other quick sale companies! We want you to get MORE money for your home. Read our blog and learn more about house values and how positive and negative factors can affect the value of your home.

  • NO FEES, NO FUSS - Read More About The Simple Process!


    Instant Quote and a Fast Sale of Your Home in Days

    Fill in the online quote form or call us directly on  0800 68 99 420 and our specialist staff will contact you to arrange an instant online cash offer. If you are happy to proceed with the sale of your home to us then one of our property consultants will visit you at home to complete all the relevant paperwork!

    We WILL get you a better price for your home than anyone else, which means more money in your bank to put towards your new home.

  • Flying Homes' Testimonials & Reviews, We'll Probably Offer More Than Any Other Property Buyer!


    Testimonials From Our Customers

    Flying Homes has many satisfied clients but don’t take our word for it, read the many customer testimonials yourself and you will see that we are the right company for you!

    ‘I was quite satisfied with the service provided, staff were helpful and friendly’

    Mr F Norrie, Hull

    ‘Fast and efficient service, I was very happy…’ Mr Hardwick, Wakefield

    ‘Unbelievable, Most Impressive’

    Debra and Rick Rogers

    Buy My House Reviews

    Always check out ‘we buy any house reviews’ to see if some quick house sale firms have negative property buyer comments. Doing this will help you to find out the reliable and trustworthy house buyers to deal with, like Flying Homes.

  • How to Avoid House Buying Scams. Read Our Warnings


    Warning: Beware of a Well Known We Buy Any House Scam

    Many of our customers have also spoken to other fast property buyers and sell house quick firms to obtain a price for their home. Unfortunately not all of these companies are honest and ethical. Indeed many customers have experienced a well-known scam of having the price reduced at the last minute leaving them high and dry, and in some instances with nowhere to live!

    Flying Homes does not condone this unethical and sharp practice. Avoid this ‘we buy any house scam’. Whatever price is agreed for your home is the price that you will receive in your bank, and all your legal fees are usually paid too!

Call 0800 68 99 420 or Text "SALE" TO 60777

Cash Buyer 24 Hours no obligation, no fees!

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10 Facts About UK Divorce:

  1. Couples now are less likely to get divorced
  2. Divorce numbers are declining
  3. Most likely to divorce? Late 20’s women
  4. Divorcing couples are getting older
  5. Divorced couples less likely to remarry
  6. Less divorce now due to adultery
  7. Men divorcing – on the increase
  8. The Seven-year itch is a fact
  9. Recent marriages – less likely to divorce
  10. Most marriages don’t end in divorce

Selling Property You’ve Inherited? 10 Top Facts to Consider

Property Tax Facts: Inheritance Tax is due if an estate is valued more than £325,000.

Inheritance Tax rates: The rate of Tax is 40% above the threshold figure. This rate can be reduced to 36% if 10% or more of it is left to a charity.

Who pays Inheritance? The ‘executor’ of the will or ‘administrator’ of the estate usually pays the Tax using available funds from the inherited estate.

A quick sale of the inherited property for most beneficiaries can often be a priority


Property Repossession – Facts & Advice Which May Help You

  • Facing repossession? If you are facing repossession, you must act quickly to avoid unnecessarily losing the equity in your home.
  • Your home under the hammer – If a bank or mortgage company repossesses your home they will very likely put it with a property auction company and sell it off to recoup the monies they are owed.
  • Your equity – If your home is sold at auction, chances are you will see less equity (if any) after the sale than if you sell the property quickly yourself.
  • You MUST at all times act quickly to avoid losing £££

A New Beginning, a New Future – Relocation. Somewhere New!

If you are in the process of emigrating or just relocating, you probably will not have the time to go through a lengthy property sale. Finding a new home in your new location will be your highest priority, but you need to sell your current property to move.

Sell fast and start your new life now – Flying Homes can help you get on with your life. We have years of expertise helping families like you move on to new beginnings. Contact one of our team and we’ll show you how fast we can get you moving!


Call 0800 68 99 420 or Text "SALE" TO 60777

Cash Buyer 24 Hours no obligation, no fees!


Which of these best describe your home...


    House refurbishment is fine if you have the time, money and expertise. If you don’t and you need to sell then ask yourself; Should you tackle a full refurbishment program or simply sell at Auction or quickly to a house buying company? If you don’t have the necessary skills and finance to upgrade your property, then sell quickly to Flying Homes and let someone else have the hassle of disrepair.


    If your property has structural problems then you need to take stock and decide the best course of action. Fix up your home, make it habitable or sell the house on to someone who can attend to the works needed, this is the stark choice you have. Homes with structural issues can be notoriously expensive to deal with, and a more palatable option may be to sell your house quick to Flying Homes and let us deal with any structural work!


    Mould and damp appearing on the walls in your property can sometimes be simply condensation. In other instances it could mean that the DPC (Damp Proof Course) has become breached or failed and this could mean considerable expense. Get an expert opinion from a damp proof specialist and if the costs proof too expensive, or you simply want to sell quickly to avoid any mess and disruption, then Flying Homes will buy your property quickly and at a price acceptable to you!


    The existence of trees can sometimes be very problematic when selling a property. If the trees are protected with preservation orders, then that can be the beginning of a nightmare scenario. You want the trees removed to plan an extension or stop the tree roots affecting your home, but you’re stuck with the TPO (Tree Preservation Order) preventing you from doing any home improvement or renovation work. Avoid the stress and aggravation and sell your property quickly to Flying Homes, we’ll negotiate a price for your house that will reflect any issues with the trees affecting your property, but a price that you’ll be happy with!


    There are very strict laws in the UK surrounding repair and renovation of listed property. You MUST seek professional help and advice before starting any work and follow the consultation process with the local council planning department. Even trees can be listed with TPO’s (Tree Preservation Orders). So be mindful of instructing any works that may need to be reversed later!

As a homeowner, you can benefit from expert advice from a RICS (Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors) Member, with an in-depth property inspection. Their report will provide you with an expert account of your property's condition and can highlight any problems that may exist.

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