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Flying Homes is one of the UK’s leading and most trusted home buyers with over 7 years’ experience in the quick sale property market. We buy any house no matter the location or its condition and by doing this we have helped countless people to sell their homes, freeing up useful cash for them in times such as bereavement, divorce or retirement and unemployment.

We provide free quotes and evaluations on your home so you know how much you can expect to receive at the end of the buying process. Why not contact us and find out how we can help you sell your house fast today.

Reasons to sell your home


How does the Flying Homes house buying process work?

We use a simple 4 step house buying process to help us gather in-depth information about your property, allowing us to give you the best possible cash price. The process:

  1. Gathering as much data as possible about the property.

    This first stage involves a member of our expert team talking with you at length about your home. During this phase, we will ask you questions about the local area, including what local amenities there are, as well as local school and transport links.

    As well as information about the local area, we will also use this time to find out more in-depth details about the property itself. These questions will range from queries about specific features that make your home more desirable, to you giving us a brief history of the property itself.

    Using the information we have gathered from you, we can then liaise with local estate agents and The Land Registry web portal to conduct research into the local area.

    With all the research from this first phase now complete, we will then be able to provide you with a formal offer.

  2. The valuation report and formal offer from Flying Homes.

    In the second phase of the buying process we will provide the homeowner with an appraisal report. This report has all the relevant findings concerning your property and area discovered from the initial research. At this point, we are ready to make you a formal offer that accurately reflects the condition of your home and the market.

    In most cases, Flying Homes will make the homeowner this formal offer within seven days of your initial contact meaning you really can sell your house fast with Flying Homes.

  3. Accepting our cash offer for your home

    If you choose to accept the formal cash offer on your home, Flying Homes will conduct a number of background checks and surveys to make sure that all of the information that you have given to us is 100% accurate.

    We make a precedent to never force a homeowner into making a rushed final decision on their home. Instead, we encourage all of our customers to obtain several or more quotes before they decide to sell their property to Flying Homes.

    Our cash offers are valid for 30 days, so you are free to take your time. In this period, we will never push you for a decision, but as a commitment to help you quickly sell your home, we promise to beat any offer made by another other quick sale service made in that time.

  4. Completing the sale – the legal stuff

    We know that one of the main reason that homeowners choose to sell their homes fast with Flying homes is to avoid the complex and expensive legal aspects of property sale and conveyancing.

    Instead of the homeowner potentially paying out thousands of pounds for this, Flying Homes sort all the legal work and cover all the costs on behalf of the owner.

    From arranging paperwork to liaising with third parties and solicitors, we keep the homeowner updated at every step of the legal process until the sale is complete.

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Reasons to use Flying Homes

Fast and dedicated home buying service.

As one of the UK’s leading sell house fast service companies we pride ourselves on the speed that we can accurately research your home and local area to provide you with a fair cash offer for your house. From the first point of contact with Flying Homes, this usually takes seven days.

Honest and accurate valuation of your home

Unlike so many other services we are not out to take advantage of anyone’s situation or undercut the worth of your home. We will provide an honest and accurate offer for your home and for an idea of what your home could be worth when selling to Flying Homes why not use our Free Property Valuation Tool today.

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Sell your home for cash in 7 days, guaranteed.

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No hidden fees

We make our money from buying homes for less than the full value on the property market and selling them to over quick house sale services or on the full market. Because of this, unlike many other companies, we have no hidden fees or upfront costs involved for the homeowner.

No solicitor fees

As part of the Flying Homes process we cover all legal and other conveyancing fees that come about as part of your sale.

For some homeowners, these fees can come to thousands of pounds and the fact that Flying Homes cover these costs is one of the biggest reasons owners choose to sell their homes fast to us.

Pull out of the sale at any time

We know that in certain extreme situations decisions such as selling your home can be made from necessity and haste. That’s why with Flying Homes we have a no-obligation agreement with you on our initial offer. This means you are free to back away from the sale of your home if you feel unsure about going through with the deal.

We never pressure homeowners to make a rushed decision, and our expert staff are on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We buy any house whatever the condition or location

Do you own a property that you are struggling to sell on the open market due to its poor condition? Flying Homes are here to help you.

We will buy any house and in any condition and since our founding, we have bought run down houses, ugly houses and houses that have been struggling to find a cash buyer for some time. It is worth noting, however, that the condition of a property will directly affect its market value.

So whether you own a run-down bungalow, a decrepit semi or a dated apartment, we’ll professionally assess your home and provide you with a fair offer based on the current market value.

Due to our network of experienced, expert valuers based throughout the UK we are true national home buyers and have completed purchase throughout the UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

As with most quick UK property buying companies, we do not currently buy property outside the United Kingdom.

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  • Guaranteed fast solution

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Sell your home for cash in 7 days, guaranteed.

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