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How do you Sell Your House Fast in the UK Today?

Flying Homes will help you to sell your house fast. We have access to UK Property buyers with unlimited funds looking to buy houses fast, so contact us now for a free online valuation and sell your home TODAY. No valuation or inspection fees to pay, it’s possible to sell your house for cash within days, not weeks!

How can I sell my house fast?

How can I sell my house fast and at nearly full value is the question most asked by customers. Well obviously selling a house at full value is the preferred scenario for home and property sellers needing to move quickly in the United Kingdom.

Did you know that many quick property sale companies will only offer you 70% to 80% of the market value of your house, whereas many Flying Homes customers receive on average 94% to 95% of the sale value of their homes? (Look at the recently sold prices and values achieved by our clients).

Many Flying Homes Sellers receive ON AVERAGE 94% of the sale value of their homes, compare this anywhere else for a quick sale!

Clients achieve this rate because we have access to thousands of serious home and property buyers all over the UK. These national homebuyers have cash to spend on buying your home therefore saving you time and money. If you must sell a house fast then we can help to get you a buyer and quickly.

Read our blog too and learn about negative and positive factors affecting house values, so that when you decide to sell your home, then at least you know how to present it in the best possible light and get the highest price!

Flying Homes advertise all over the country to try to match motivated home buyers and sellers. Indeed we even get clients looking to sell house fast in GlasgowS, cotland. We advertise UK nationwide, look in your local and national newspapers, and you may see our advertisements appearing, (our Daily Mirror advert as seen on Flying Homes’ Facebook page). Indeed you may well respond to such an advert and wonder what is it all about? Is it possible to sell house fast?

Many online websites similar to Flying Homes buy property directly and offer only 60% to 80% of the value of your home so it is wise to shop around and deal with a trustworthy company such as Flying Homes to get the best cash house sale and sell your home fast. Our house buyers do not drop the price agreed at the last-minute, so try our service and call us today, it works!

Sell Your Property Fast, Choosing the Right Company is Essential

Is order to Sell your property fast and get the price you need then choosing the right company to help you in this process is imperative. It’s a minefield out there and making the wrong decision can potentially cost you a lot of money. Flying Homes is a reliable trustworthy Company with many satisfied clients across the UK.

Ways to Sell a Property Quickly

Cut your costs and sell your house privately, is this a viable option? Let’s explore. You can sell your house privately on Righmove (they have a good guide on selling a house) or Zoopla, it’s generally the only way to sell a house online these days, but you will need an agent to put it on there for you as they don’t usually deal direct with clients. Then of course you need to decide at what price to pitch your house and know how to take the right photos and measurements and so on! Basically it’s all getting much more complicated. Therefore save yourself time and money and contact us and we will do all the hard work for you!

There are lots of different ways to sell quickly, but one common denominator in whichever method of selling is to ‘price to sell’ or even sell below market value, often referred to as BMV. To see how this may work in practice then read an example from ‘Buy Cheap Property’.

Lots of companies advertise to buy your property fast for cash and their adverts appear in the newspapers and online. You can also try one of our partners ‘buy cheap property’ (above), who match sellers with cash property buyers. Check out our many reviews if you want to be sure that you are dealing with a reliable and reputable company.

Quick House Sales Newspaper Adverts – Look For Reliable Companies Like Flying Homes!

Flying Homes Daily Mirror cash house sale advert

Use a reputable cash house sale company like Flying Homes, to sell your house fast!

Beware some newspapers advertisements from some ‘quick house sales companies’ which often appear in the property supplements. Some of these companies that advertise may not be reputable or indeed may have a policy of reducing the price offered at the last-minute, leaving you high and dry. There are known as fast house sell scams. Companies operating this way need to be avoided like the plague. Indeed this very practice by quick sale companies was investigated by the Office of Fair trading, (as reported by the BBC).

What Type of Sales Phrases Do Quick Sales Companies Use?

Some marketing terminology that appears in Sell house fast advertising or promotion are:- we buy any house, quick property sale, sell your house fast for cash, quick move now, cash for homes and sold in 60 seconds – no complaints about these phrases! These ads are often accompanied by a free phone number similar to ours (0800 68 99 420 Flying Homes). There are literally hundreds of online quick sale adverts from companies looking to buy your house for cash.

Unlike many of our competitors Flying Homes advertises offline (in newspapers), and online (like similar businesses above.

Secret of Achieving a Quick Property Sale

The secret of achieving a quick property sale is not always obvious as there are no hard and fast rules. It might be down to how it is presented but the main reason that a house hasn’t sold is that it is not priced right. The best way of selling your house fast is to price it correctly. The lower the price the quicker your house will sell! So consider price carefully when deciding to market your property for sale. Look at Flying Homes’ recently sold properties and you will see just how successful we are in helping clients achieve a quick house sale at the right price.

Resources to Help You in The House Sale Process

There are many resources which can help before you call us to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants. Check out recently sold house prices in your area. A mortgage calculator will help with any calculations that you need to make when moving house. If you find that your home doesn’t sell then sell house and rent back schemes (or sale and leaseback) are no longer an option as they have more or less been withdrawn by the Financial Services Regulator. For a free estimate and instant quote contact Flying Homes NOW on 0800 68 99 420 and your move with us will be the rightmove, sell house fast today at near full market value!

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So so true!

May 23, 2013 by Brian Ellison

Good article and some great informative links. Hopefully companies that trick consumers like this and reduce their price at the last minute will go out of business!

Response: Flying Homes buyers do not reduce the price at the last minute, we refuse to deal with the ones that do this. Glad you found our post useful!

Flying Homes Ltd 0800 68 99 420 McLintocks, Summer Lane Barnsley , S70 2NZ United Kingdom 5.0 5.0 1 1 Good article and some great informative links. Hopefully companies that trick consumers like this and reduce their price at the last minute will go out of business!