Get On Average 94% of Full Market Value For Your House

How Do I Get 94% of Full Market Value For my House, Is it Possible?

YES, Call NOW on 0800 68 99 420 or Fill in the Online form, put your postcode in the quote form above!

Sell House Fast For Cash – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it possible to get 94% of full market value for my house or is it just a scam?

Answer: Getting 94% of full market value for your home is not a scam, Flying Homes Clients’ get on average 94% of the value of their home when they sell quickly using our service.

Question: Can you prove it, do you have any actual examples of customers getting 94% of market value?

Answer: Of course check out our recently sold homes with actual addresses and the prices achieved, then check these with the Land Registry and Zoopla or Rightmove. Some customers received less than 94% and some more, but on average it was 94%

Question: What do other quick house sale companies charge and why, is 65 or 70% the norm?

Answer: Many other fast property buyers only offer 65 or 70% of your property’s value when they buy a house fast for cash, but it depends how quick you need to sell, there’s fast and there’s really fast, some have the cash to complete a sale in 24 hours, which is possible but unlikely. FACT, the more desperate you are to sell, the lower the price you will be offered for your home.

Question: Can a house really be sold in 60 seconds or do I need to wait longer than that?

Answer: Yes, possibly and no! Generally yes if it’s at auction, or if a buyer and seller meet and exchange contracts or sign a binding agreement for the sale of a property; then technically a sale is agreed but selling a house this fast is pretty unlikely.

If you were to ask any companies that advertise ‘sold in 60 seconds’ how many houses have you bought in 60 seconds then the answer is likely to be very very few or none. But sold in 60 seconds is a catchy marketing phrase designed to attract visitors, just like cash for homes, or national homebuyers etc. It is likely that sold in 60 seconds could mean that a sale is ‘agreed’ in 60 seconds!

Question: Can I really get cash for my home (cash for homes?)

Answer: No, not really. The idea of a buyer coming up your garden path with a wheelbarrow full of readies, is all a bit dell boy-ish. Again, technically it’s possible, but too many questions would be asked by the bank or solicitor of house buyer and house seller. Rules and regulations preventing this were introduced by the UK government to avoid money laundering by criminals, as in the past, investing in property was an easy way to launder money from the proceeds of crime.

Question Can I get a cash offer in 24 hours?

Answer: Yes, and many a house buyer will be happy to do this, although cash as can be seen from above is unlikely to be paid directly to you, but the ‘buyer may have cash in the bank and not need to rely on a mortgage, or maybe the buyer has an ‘overdraft facility’ whereby he can simply write out a cheque in full for a property without the tedious process of applying for finance.

What should I do next if I want to sell my home for full market value?

It’s Simple.

Get a cash offer and sell your house fast for cash, a sale agreed, sold in 60 seconds! We are sure that you will get the best price paid (on average 94% of full market value) with Flying Homes’ Help! Get your quick move NOW, call Flying Homes on 0800 68 99 420, or fill in the online form!

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